I touched on my pregnancy sickness a bit in my last post, but I felt that I should update on how things are going. My very concerned mother started a prayer chain in the Middletown-Franklin OH area, so I know that more people than I realize have been praying for me. I also am aware that my friends here in Georgia (and our missionaries around the world) ask frequently how I have been feeling as they know that I had the lovely never-ending all-day, every-day sickness last time around with Jolynn. Even friends we have met along the way on deputation have continued to pray for me. I want to, first, tell you all, THANK YOU SO MUCH! It is very humbling to think that something small, yet uncomfortable, like my nausea would be a concern for so many. I am overwhelmed by the love Jesus puts in hearts around the world for our family.

My doctor calls my sickness “hyperemesis gravidarum,” but I think doctors just like to name things. Based on Web MD, I don’t have it that bad off since I did not lose 5% of my body weight (Thank you, Lord!). Throughout the first few months, I have experienced severe nausea and frequent vomiting (often 6 or more x/day) and would go days without keeping a meal down. I began to take a prescription, and this lessened to 2-3x, but still made traveling very difficult. I felt sick all day long, and I’m pretty sure my husband and daughter could vouch that I was miserable to be around at that time.

I am now 14 weeks, out of my first trimester, and PRAISING THE LORD that I am feeling MUCH better! I still have moments…I still have days, but for the most part, I am well! I have been going a couple days without getting sick, and most mornings I can get up with Jolynn and make myself breakfast, tasks which I used to have to delegate to my husband! I still have to take it relatively easy and baby myself a bit, so my housework still suffers, but I am thankful to be able to do a lot more things for myself!

I wouldn’t say this is all over and done with, but it is tolerable! I have so much sympathy for those who have it even worse than I do with dehydration, weight loss, and hospital stays. I praise the Lord for his grace and goodness to me, and that I have so many praying friends around the world. I know it will all be worth it, when I see my sweet baby’s face. Even now, as I feel the little kicks, a reminder that there is a tiny God-created life inside of me, I rejoice in the wonderful responsibility of carrying this special gift.

Thanks again, my praying friends. It is very comforting to know that all those who lift my name up to the Lord will soon be lifting a new name to the Lord ________ _________ Taube 🙂 Don’t feel left out; we don’t know this baby’s name either, but we will find out the gender in 6 weeks!