Five Minute Friday: My Tiny Team — August 20, 2016

Five Minute Friday: My Tiny Team


We had a team. We had all our support raised, ready to join our friends in India who were working endlessly at getting a fledgling little church off the ground and headed towards independence.

They had gone before us and blazed the trail, learned the ropes, made all the mistakes they could keep us from making ourselves. I remember always joking that they were our test dummies, and I was glad we didn’t have to pioneer the field of New Delhi on our own.

There were some behind us, following the path of fundraising and raising awareness about the need of our field. They would join our team of two families and we would link arms with one heart to reach the country of India. God would work in our midst, and, together, we could see Him doing something there. We had all dreamed together for years. We were just dying to see those dreams manifest in reality on the other side of the world.

417911_10201205177995317_119377220_nBut months trickled by, and as the pages turned on the calendar, we realized what we feared had come to fruition. We weren’t getting entrance into the country we longed to live and minister in.

We were devastated. We found it hard not to question God as he crumpled up our plans and crafted something entirely different. It still looked like a torn apart mess to us, but we trusted it would unfold into a legible, beautiful story one day. We were honored to be a part of it.

But…he sent us somewhere without a team. No one we had any ties to resided in this new (to us) country, Nepal. Not a single family was behind us, aiming to join our side a year or two later.

It was so difficult to say goodbye to the dream of a team and embrace this new role as pioneers for our board. We’ve been so blessed to meet some wonderful new friends here, and truly, we are working together to reach this country with the gospel.

But I miss our team. We had a Bible-inspired name and sweet little babies to grow up together.


Our team may only have 4 members, but they’re it. My tribe. My co-laborers. I know God will use this tiny team if we stop pining for more members and move forward alone, yet praying that God will add some bodies to the bench.

My kids don’t have ministry experience or much fundraising to speak of, but I believe they are an essential part to this team, and I know God will use Team Taube as we work together here for His glory.


Who’s on your team? How can we work together to reach the world?
Talk to me in the comment section below!

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Our Longest Trip Yet — March 27, 2014

Our Longest Trip Yet

Last Sunday night/Monday morning, we made our longest journey of deputation! We traveled from Fort Myers, FL (waaaaay down there!) to Kent, OH (pretty far up there!). We had church in Fort Myers on Sunday night (that last night of a round-robin missions conference-4 churches in 1) and had to be at a missions conference meeting on Monday night in Kent, so we left right after the Sunday evening service just before 8 pm. We traveled through the night, taking turns driving, and taking turns sleeping, until we arrived in Kent at about 3 pm. Jolynn and I crashed for a few hours at the hotel, and Daddy went to get our car worked on. That crazy marathon of a trip did quite the number on our little Dodge Caravan!



(Yes, I know it says the trip should take 19 hours, and it only took us a little over 18, but our GPS always gives us a shorter ETA than does Google maps.) All 5 churches were so sweet to us; I can’t say I wish we wouldn’t have gone to either. In fact, Fort Myers was a bit of a vacation for us, which is wonderful since Paul and I had not been on once since our honeymoon. We took Jo to the beach two different days. She loved the sand but not so much the water!


We enjoyed our time with all of these church families, and even got to visit with a precious man of God that had hosted us when we had a meeting at one of our now-supporting churches in Kent. We were spoiled, Jo was loved on, and Paul got to preach to his heart’s content! At the church in Kent (Ravenna, actually) we even got to help the church put together and ship 20,000 John and Romans! What a blessing!

We have one more crazy trip planned next month during which we will have to travel 12 hours from a Saturday evening missions conference meeting to a Sunday morning meeting. Whenever Paul announces to me that he has such a trip planned, he says, “You’re gonna hate me.” Well, I’m not super excited about making this kind of trip, but I definitely don’t hate him yet!

He says he needs to fire “whoever makes his schedule,” which of course always makes me chuckle because he’s the one who makes his schedule! In all honesty, I truly admire him for spending all those hours making phone calls and setting up our meetings. I know it’s not an easy job and he always does the best he can do by our family. We haven’t made many long trips and have only been to 13 states (3 of which we have only been to once!).

I’m thankful for the hours he puts in and for how he considers the needs and feelings of our family. Though things don’t always work out perfectly, he always takes control and gets us through them- doing the brunt of the driving, filling up the gas tank 4 times, letting us stop in a drive-thru at 4 am for breakfast, etc. It’s these times I sit back and admire his faithfulness, his patience, and his thoughtfulness. So, really, I wouldn’t trade these moments during these all-night drives for anything. But I would take a few extra hours of sleep!

Our Two Homes — February 6, 2014

Our Two Homes

This may just be another post that sits in my “dashboard” scheduled for some day long down the road before which it will be sent to the trash. I put a lot of pressure on my posts, but I’m just going to start sharing about all the little things about our life on the road and journey to India.

One of the biggest blessings for us on deputation has been our second home in Ohio. And, I guess I should clarify; we don’t own two homes. We don’t even own one! We rent one in Georgia and stay with family in Ohio.

We try to schedule our meetings within a 5 hour radius of each of our “two homes.” This has allowed us to generally be either at home with our little family or in Ohio with our extended family. Not a lot of hotel-staying or prophet-chamber…ing. We appreciate all of the churches who have “put us up” (don’t you love missionary terms?) and families who have welcomed us into their homes, but there really is no place like home!

We’re just so lucky we have two!

Our Ohio Home (photo credit: Jake Taube)
Passenger Post #3- One Day at a Time — December 13, 2013

Passenger Post #3- One Day at a Time

I try not too look too far ahead on our deputation journey, otherwise, I get more than a little stressed out by our jam-packed schedule and the magnitude of miles between this meeting and that.

It drives my mom a little crazy when she is trying to keep up with where we are and what we are doing, and, really, it drove me a little crazy in the beginning too. I used to constantly ask Paul where we were going to be, when we would be home, when we would be seeing family, how many hours we would be in the car, etc. Come to think of it, that probably drove him a little crazy, too!

It has taken some time, but I’ve now gotten quite accustomed to going with the flow a little more. I always say, “All I ask if that you tell me when to be ready and how many days to pack for.” I’ve come to find that what the Bible says is true (imagine that!). As we seek to follow and honor him as we travel on deputation, tomorrow always takes care of itself!

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof (Matthew 6:34).

A Special Day — November 25, 2013

A Special Day

Jolynn “praying”

Yesterday, we dropped into a church in our hometown. Much to my delight, a friend from high-school joined the service just as it began! I hadn’t seen her for many years, but I had kept up with her on Facebook. As a mom of three boys and a little princess on the way, she certainly has a lot to share! I patiently waited until the end of the service when I would be able to speak with her, and I enjoyed the preaching as I did!

At the end of the service, she went forward with her son as he made public the profession of faith that he had made just an hour before in his Sunday school class. The pastor handled the announcement because the precious seven year old was more than a little shy! His grandparents, mommy, and I were all crying happy tears. (I’m a sympathy crier. If you cry, I’ll cry…Please don’t take advantage of that!) It was such a wonderful moment.

A line formed to greet the happy little boy and “extend to him the right hand of fellowship” (I just love Baptist jargon). Despite Jolynn’s efforts to line-jump, we waited our turn to talk to the happy momma and our new little brother in Christ! She shared with me that she had been praying for his salvation since she was pregnant with him!

I was convicted because while I do pray for Jo’s salvation occasionally, I am not at all consistent with it. There is nothing I desire more than for my children to know and love the Lord, but unfortunately, my prayer life has not reflected that. I am encouraged all the more to seek the Lord and beg him for the salvation of my daughter’s soul (Lord know’s she’s a sinner–haha!). I can’t wait for the day when I will see my daughter understand the gospel and accept the free gift Jesus offers!

And I expect you all to cry with me!

Passenger Post #2- The Hero — November 14, 2013

Passenger Post #2- The Hero

I like riding in the passenger seat and taking care of Jo as we ride along, but on trips where we drive through the night, I love the challenge of staying awake and alert behind the wheel while my family sleeps. I’m typically one of those super helpless women who needs my husband to open every jar and fill my gas tank, but sometimes it’s fun to be the hero, and this is about the only way I can!

I love pulling into the driveway of our destination and having my husband sleepily whisper, “You’re my hero.” I climb the stairs to the bedroom in a zombie-like state, but I fall asleep with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart. Sometimes it’s nice to be the hero of the man who’s mine!

Passenger Post #1- Happy All the Time — November 1, 2013

Passenger Post #1- Happy All the Time

I’m going to begin drafting short posts from my phone while riding in the car in an attempt to keep my blog more up to date! I strongly dislike typing on my phone, so don’t expect too much out of these! 

Jolynn loves listening to children’s Bible songs in the car, and I love it, too! Granted, I’m a little tired of “Happy All the Time” at this moment, but it’s her favorite and, other than her futile attempts at singing, keeps her quiet, so mommy will just have to deal with it!

These songs are so simple, but they have the ability to set a foundation for learning the Word for Jo. And for me, they remind me of the little things involved in serving God that I so often forget. Like this little gem found in Philippians 4:4:

Rejoice in the Lord alway: [and] again I say, Rejoice.

Just a little R&R — October 2, 2013

Just a little R&R

This past month was absolutely crazy! My missionary friends, I’m sure, can relate because it is what we like to call “Missions Conference Season.”

We are halfway through the busiest part of the year, and I’m thinking, “Wow, we only have one more of these seasons left before we move to India!” And while I love attending missions conferences and having the rare opportunity to connect with new friends on a deeper level, I rejoice a bit in this because IT IS EXHAUSTING!

I’m a wimp, and I know it! My 19 month old daughter is more of a trooper than I am. I’m not proud of this…

You can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when my dear husband treated me to a little getaway! We retreated for about 36 hours to Eagle’s Wing Manor provided by Inn Keeper Ministries in Dayton, OH. He informed me that the original plan was to take this mini-vacation at the time of Ezra’s due date, but we were just too busy! I’m thankful because it ended up coming at just the right time when I was feeling like I was running on E!


The welcome information packet encouraged us to do nothing but rest, talk to God, and enjoy being together…and that’s exactly what we did! We watched 3 movies, took naps, ate an exorbitant amount of peanut butter M&M’s, took long talk-walks, and read by the pond. AHHH! A pretty perfect 36 hours to me! I didn’t throw a tantrum like Jo did when she was torn from the bouncy house at her cousin’s party, but I imagine we were feeling much of the same emotions!

While we dread the “Go! Go! Go!” of the month ahead, we relish the opportunity to share the burden God has given us for the country of India with several new churches. Our main topic of conversation during these days was how incredibly blessed we are to meet so many loving, giving people who care for our family and support us in the ministry God has called us to.

So, we’ll press on, seizing every opportunity to influence hearts for India while simultaneously snatching up these little pieces of heaven we find along the way!

Mommy Guilt — September 17, 2013

Mommy Guilt

I’m about the share my biggest battle on deputation with you. It’s not sleep deprivation, lengthy drives, financial struggles, or excessive carb-consumption (though at times, all of these wear on me!). It’s Mommy Guilt.

All of those little things about deputation not only have an affect on my life but also on the precious life of my toddler. At times, I begin to feel guilty about the long hours in the car, the 100th french fry (or 4th chocolate chip cookie) of the day, or the fact that she has worn the same thing for 3 days in a row and has had the same 5 toys to play with for an entire month. I get frustrated by our lack of schedule and bedtime that fluctuates by 1-3 hours which sometimes results in the following:IMG_0291

Thanks to my informative friend but victimizing enemy, Facebook, I see mommies doing activities I had hoped to experience with Jolynn this summer, teaching new things in creative ways in their home, purchasing new play items to stimulate and entertain their children and creating healthy, yummy lunches. As I peruse these displays of mommy perfection, the scum rises to the surface. Jealousy (there it is again). Guilt.

So maybe my child hasn’t had milk in her sippy cup for a few days, and has watched the same episode of Veggie Tales 16 times in a row. But this mommy needs to forget Facebook and focus on what my sweet girl does get to experience. She has fun, meets new friends, and learns everywhere we go. She gets to see her grandparents, great-grandparents, and other extended family on a much more regular basis due to our frequent travels.And not only that, but she gets to be with her Daddy a whole lot! We sure are lucky ladies to spend so much time with Daddy!


She is loved by many people in many states. People all over the US have her picture on their fridge and pray for her by name. I would venture to say that she has had more hugs, snuggles, and kisses than the average kid, too. She plays with brand new (to her) toys and meets new friends in different nurseries 3 times a week. Many people give her gifts to keep her looking spiffy and staying entertained.


She is learning to sit in church and will soon be learning from the Bible! She has become extremely sociable and will go to anyone. The most common thing we hear about Jolynn is, “She never meets a stranger!” With each person comes laughs, learning, and love.

If I think on the right things, I can see that truly, my girl is a blessed baby, and I am one blessed missionary mama!


Where has July gone? — July 30, 2013

Where has July gone?

July has not been a good blogging month which is both a good and a bad thing. Good because we have been busy with meetings and bad because I feel like there has been so much on my mind I would love to share but haven’t had the time to sit down at the computer!

I have time now because my husband is mowing the lawn at 11 p.m. Yes, our life is CRAZY, but I wouldn’t want it any other way! Not that I wouldn’t rather have my hubby in the bed with me at this late hour! Our neighbors would probably prefer that, too. I think they are probably just happy our lawn is finally being mowed after a month away! It must just be the grace of God that they don’t call the city on us!

We have had some wonderful time with family, encouraging meetings, a couple of date nights, and restful times here and there. We have also had all-night drives, grief-induced tension, daunting home repairs, and a pitifully sick baby. God has lead us all the way, and we’ve made it through a month away from home we thought would never end! It feels just so wonderful to be back in our home, in our own beds, and with our little nuclear family. Looking forward to the night-night snuggles, tickle-fights, and giggle-fests to come! 

Also, a new box of prayer cards greeted us upon arrival at the Spot Road Spot. Please let me know if you would like an updated prayer card. I would be more than happy to send one your way!

Here is the picture we chose. I’d say it’s an improvement on Jo’s 4-month-mean-muggin’ picture, wouldn’t you?




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