We are thankful for time at home this year to be able to set up a Christmas tree and have a little family celebration at home before heading back to our family’s homes in Ohio. Last year, we were home only a few days and did not deem it worth it to set up a tree only to enjoy it for a few short days (all while fighting the tiny hands that would inevitably pull everything off).



Last week, Paul went about the task of locating our Christmas tree in storage which we share with another family and some training center students. Monday, we had no luck as our neighbor Jeff was unable to get into the attic to look there. We looked around the other places in storage, and made cookies instead. We would wait until the next day when he could help us. Tuesday, we discovered that it wasn’t in the attic and wasn’t anywhere else either! Disappointed, we turned off the Christmas music we had hoped would set the Christmas mood, and we watched a movie together as a family.

I, of course, was disappointed. Jolynn had a fun time “helping” set up the tree at her Grandma Sue’s, and I wanted to experience that at our home, too. This also will be the last Christmas in our own home in the States until we return from India on furlough as we will either be leaving for the field or spending the last few months of deputation with family at this time next year.

Desperately, I contacted the ladies of our team to see if anyone happened to have an extra Christmas tree lying around! Thankfully, my friend Heather’s family had decided to go with a real tree this year and had their fake tree in storage. She graciously allowed us to borrow it along with some lights.  Colored outdoor lights, but lights nonetheless! Beggars can’t be choosers, right?



We had previously had a themed tree with everything being silver, gold, and bronze. But since our lovely outdoor lights were colored, we scrambled to find some other ornaments. We had an Our First Christmas ornament, Jolynn’s first Christmas ornament, a ridiculously huge globe ornament, and some wonderfully tacky ornaments from my friend Krista! I also found a hook and hung up Ezra’s little hat he wore in the hospital, and we stuck Jo’s holiday stuffed toys in the tree and her first Christmas hat on top! We filled in the rest with silver balls and stood back to look at our creation.

And it was UGLY. But it was ours. We created it together, and we loved it! After all, we know what Christmas is really about- celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, or as Jolynn calls him, “bee-bee.” We are hoping to teach her his name by Christmas!


This will certainly be a Christmas we will always remember! What makes this holiday season memorable for your family?