I’m going Shutterfly crazy. Mother’s day gifts, photo books, collages, and prints! I have a gift card and a pampers code for a free photo book, thankfully, but I only want to pay shipping once, so it is going to be a HAPPY day when all of my goodies come in the mail!

What I am struggling with with my photo book is, “How do I fit a year’s worth of amazing memories and hundreds of adorable pictures in a 20 page book?” I am having so much fun looking back on the blast we had this past year with our sweet, rambunctious Jo!

I knew that our lives would change when we had a baby, but I mostly thought of this in terms of sleepless nights, lack of date nights, and loss of any sense of cool factor we had left (I know, there was never much!). But having Jolynn has given us abundantly more than it has taken away. Sometimes we say, “What did we used to do all the time?” or “What did we laugh at before we had a baby?” Our days are sometimes exhausting, yes, but FULL and HAPPY! Children truly are a blessing from the Lord, and I think our Jo was made especially for us! What a perfect, precious gift from above!

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In a Year!

…and 19 pages of sickeningly adorableness in between!