Where has July gone? — July 30, 2013

Where has July gone?

July has not been a good blogging month which is both a good and a bad thing. Good because we have been busy with meetings and bad because I feel like there has been so much on my mind I would love to share but haven’t had the time to sit down at the computer!

I have time now because my husband is mowing the lawn at 11 p.m. Yes, our life is CRAZY, but I wouldn’t want it any other way! Not that I wouldn’t rather have my hubby in the bed with me at this late hour! Our neighbors would probably prefer that, too. I think they are probably just happy our lawn is finally being mowed after a month away! It must just be the grace of God that they don’t call the city on us!

We have had some wonderful time with family, encouraging meetings, a couple of date nights, and restful times here and there. We have also had all-night drives, grief-induced tension, daunting home repairs, and a pitifully sick baby. God has lead us all the way, and we’ve made it through a month away from home we thought would never end! It feels just so wonderful to be back in our home, in our own beds, and with our little nuclear family. Looking forward to the night-night snuggles, tickle-fights, and giggle-fests to come! 

Also, a new box of prayer cards greeted us upon arrival at the Spot Road Spot. Please let me know if you would like an updated prayer card. I would be more than happy to send one your way!

Here is the picture we chose. I’d say it’s an improvement on Jo’s 4-month-mean-muggin’ picture, wouldn’t you?




Shutterfly-inspired Reflections — May 3, 2013

Shutterfly-inspired Reflections

I’m going Shutterfly crazy. Mother’s day gifts, photo books, collages, and prints! I have a gift card and a pampers code for a free photo book, thankfully, but I only want to pay shipping once, so it is going to be a HAPPY day when all of my goodies come in the mail!

What I am struggling with with my photo book is, “How do I fit a year’s worth of amazing memories and hundreds of adorable pictures in a 20 page book?” I am having so much fun looking back on the blast we had this past year with our sweet, rambunctious Jo!

I knew that our lives would change when we had a baby, but I mostly thought of this in terms of sleepless nights, lack of date nights, and loss of any sense of cool factor we had left (I know, there was never much!). But having Jolynn has given us abundantly more than it has taken away. Sometimes we say, “What did we used to do all the time?” or “What did we laugh at before we had a baby?” Our days are sometimes exhausting, yes, but FULL and HAPPY! Children truly are a blessing from the Lord, and I think our Jo was made especially for us! What a perfect, precious gift from above!

From Here:Image


To Here:



In a Year!

…and 19 pages of sickeningly adorableness in between!


Blessed with a Busy Baby — April 25, 2013

Blessed with a Busy Baby

One word to describe my daughter: BUSY. Which is why my house ALWAYS looks like this:



She gets in the cabinets, the drawers, the trash cans. She has figured out how to open doors and how to hide things from Mom and Dad (Has anyone seen my Pandora bracelet?). We find graham crackers, legos, and pacifiers in our shoes on the daily. Yesterday, she was up for 20 minutes before there was shattered glass on the floor. You are absolutely right…I need to baby-proof! But that, to me, sounds like a daunting task at the moment!(But, yes, Grandma, the cleaning supplies are out of reach!)


Last night, we were at a church, and I was talking with a very kind, mom of four grown children about my extremely active child. This woman, who works in a daycare said, “That is GREAT! She must be very healthy!” Well, I felt a little bad for sounding like I was complaining at this point…Foot in mouth, check!

After speaking with this woman, I went to pick up my wild child in the nursery. The woman who kept the nursery just had so many positive things to say about my girl and bragged on her for being able to put the bead toys together and take them apart and many other things she was surprised my little 14 month old could do. I guess I have taken for granted all the things that she is able to do because she has tried them! Because she is curious, active, and yes, a little, WILD! But thankfully, because she is HEALTHY!


I can’t believe that I find myself complaining about the level of activity of my child. Well, yes, can. I am kind of a complainer! But it has finally hit me how RIDICULOUS this is! Okay, my house will always be a mess. And yeah, maybe there are some days I won’t get a shower when I need one (thankfully, my husband is understanding about both of these things!). But my Jo is happy, healthy, and SO MUCH FUN! Sometimes I can’t keep up, but she just goes on without me. I’ll catch up…eventually 🙂




An Update for Praying Friends — March 29, 2013

An Update for Praying Friends

I touched on my pregnancy sickness a bit in my last post, but I felt that I should update on how things are going. My very concerned mother started a prayer chain in the Middletown-Franklin OH area, so I know that more people than I realize have been praying for me. I also am aware that my friends here in Georgia (and our missionaries around the world) ask frequently how I have been feeling as they know that I had the lovely never-ending all-day, every-day sickness last time around with Jolynn. Even friends we have met along the way on deputation have continued to pray for me. I want to, first, tell you all, THANK YOU SO MUCH! It is very humbling to think that something small, yet uncomfortable, like my nausea would be a concern for so many. I am overwhelmed by the love Jesus puts in hearts around the world for our family.

My doctor calls my sickness “hyperemesis gravidarum,” but I think doctors just like to name things. Based on Web MD, I don’t have it that bad off since I did not lose 5% of my body weight (Thank you, Lord!). Throughout the first few months, I have experienced severe nausea and frequent vomiting (often 6 or more x/day) and would go days without keeping a meal down. I began to take a prescription, and this lessened to 2-3x, but still made traveling very difficult. I felt sick all day long, and I’m pretty sure my husband and daughter could vouch that I was miserable to be around at that time.

I am now 14 weeks, out of my first trimester, and PRAISING THE LORD that I am feeling MUCH better! I still have moments…I still have days, but for the most part, I am well! I have been going a couple days without getting sick, and most mornings I can get up with Jolynn and make myself breakfast, tasks which I used to have to delegate to my husband! I still have to take it relatively easy and baby myself a bit, so my housework still suffers, but I am thankful to be able to do a lot more things for myself!

I wouldn’t say this is all over and done with, but it is tolerable! I have so much sympathy for those who have it even worse than I do with dehydration, weight loss, and hospital stays. I praise the Lord for his grace and goodness to me, and that I have so many praying friends around the world. I know it will all be worth it, when I see my sweet baby’s face. Even now, as I feel the little kicks, a reminder that there is a tiny God-created life inside of me, I rejoice in the wonderful responsibility of carrying this special gift.

Thanks again, my praying friends. It is very comforting to know that all those who lift my name up to the Lord will soon be lifting a new name to the Lord ________ _________ Taube 🙂 Don’t feel left out; we don’t know this baby’s name either, but we will find out the gender in 6 weeks!


A mother’s prayer — January 25, 2013

A mother’s prayer


My daughter RARELY snuggles with me. She pretty much has to have already been asleep, and I stole her out of her crib or car seat to sneak some cuddles! Lately, however, she has had some trouble sleeping and has been experiencing some teething pain. At first, I was annoyed (I wanted to sleep/nap by myself), but as I held her, the Lord touched my heart and reminded me what a blessing this sweet snoring, drooling little princess in my arms was! I took the opportunity to pray for my baby girl. I thanked Him for allowing me to be her mother and trusting her with my care. I prayed for…

  • Her to come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus at a young age
  • The Lord to use her life to bring glory and honor to His name
  • Wisdom for us as her parents to raise her in the way of the Lord and teach her to serve Him with her life.
  • Willingness on our part to “let her go,” to know that she is not OURS, but she is HIS. That whatever He chose to do with her life, wherever He chose to send her, whatever He chose to put her through, we would trust His plan and praise His name.
  •  The Lord to give her grace to have a fun, happy childhood living in India, that she would make little Indian friends, and be a Christian witness to them all!
  • Sounds crazy because she is not even a year old, but I prayed for her purity, her femininity, and for the man of God the Lord would give her. That He would prepare her to be the perfect help meet for a man who loves the Lord more than He will love her (but that he loves her LIKE CRAZY too!).

Everyone tells you how quickly “they” grow up, and I always kind of rolled my eyes, but now that we are nearing her first birthday, I am finally understanding what all of these mommies and daddies were talking about! Parenting a child is such a huge responsibility, and it is so humbling that the Lord would entrust us with the care of this precious gift! We take this responsibility very seriously, and we just beg the Lord for wisdom and grace for the care, keeping, and training of our sweet little Jolynn Elyse!

Psalm 127: 3 Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.

I think I will write a whole other blog post about what the Lord has taught me through this portion of Scripture! In short, we need to train our children to be witnesses for Him. They are arrows to be SENT, not our possessions to cling to tightly. We are not to shelter them and totally keep them from the world, but we are to equip them and train them for the battles they will face so that, ultimately, their lives would bring great glory to their heavenly Father. I think, as a result, their earthly parents will be pretty proud, too!

Thankful for our daughter and for a God who loves her way more than we ever could!

Can I get a do-over? — October 17, 2012

Can I get a do-over?

Some days start like this:

Baby up early with a dirty diaper. Change said diaper. Immediately followed by an up-the-back/all-over-creation blow-out. Pancake disaster. Spilled milk, glass hitting table wakes up the baby that was put down 10 minutes prior. Husband running late, rushes out the door.

Here I am. Waiting for the baby to nap so I can shower, read my Bible, and talk to God. Thankful for patience, thankful for grace, thankful that when this girl takes a nap I can have a do-over. It doesn’t clean my kitchen, it doesn’t make my bed, but it puts me in a place where I can do these things…happily!

I never want to complain about days like this. Most mothers have to work outside of the home. I am so grateful that the Lord allows me to be home with my baby. Even though sometimes I want to pull my hair out,  I wouldn’t miss these crazy moments for anything!

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