Ezra Coleman — May 21, 2013

Ezra Coleman

I wanted to share a little bit of how our sweet boy’s name came to be.

Ezra: Nothing particularly special about this name, although it is a good Bible name. Kind of ashamed to say this, but It actually was brought to my attention on two shows I was simultaneously hooked on when Jolynn was still a tiny bit. I thought it was a cute name that you don’t hear too much, and I stored it in my mental “baby name bank” for future reference. After getting pregnant, I didn’t think of names too much. It always stressed me out last time, so I thought I would wait until we knew what we were having to really start the great debate! However, when our ultrasound appointment came, and our precious tiny baby no longer showed us a heartbeat, we decided we wanted to name our lost baby (at this time we did not know the gender). Since the whole hospital process was a whirlwind, we didn’t have much time to ponder. However, moments after seeing our sweet baby’s face, I recalled the name “Ezra.” The next day, after he was officially named, I looked it up, and Ezra means, “God helps!” How perfect is that!?

Coleman: The middle name, “Coleman” immediately followed which was kind of strange because that name had never been on any list or in aforementioned mental “baby name bank.” Coleman is my grandfather’s name (my dad’s dad, a great man who loves the Lord), and when it popped in my head, I knew it was right! I kept these thoughts to myself (as I did most thoughts during these days) until Paul asked me what I wanted to name our little boy. I said, “I’m thinking ‘Ezra Coleman.'” He said, “I love it. It’s perfect.” I think so, too!

Ezra’s Story: Part Three — May 18, 2013

Ezra’s Story: Part Three

“Thank you” to all who have read the previous two parts of Ezra’s story. We have been so encouraged to hear from all of those praying for our family from all around the world! We have also heard from families whose lives have been touched by his story, and we pray that this trend will continue. This will be the last part of the chronological story of Ezra’s short life, but I will continue to share about our sweet boy and how his little life has affected ours in such significant, lasting ways!

While the labor and delivery of our sweet baby boy was painful and exhausting, perhaps the most trying part of the entire experience for me were the next few hours.

Paul called our families to tell them of the news of Ezra’s birth. We hesitated, at first, to share the news because we knew that they were exhausted from travel and would have just returned to their hotels to finally rest. However, our nurses warned us that Ezra’s body was deteriorating quickly and that by the time our families arrived, they likely would not be allowed to hold him.

They were happy to return to the hospital to comfort us and to hold their new grandson. We all wept together over the loss but marveled again at God’s handiwork evidently seen in the tiny details of our little boy. We shared the name we had chosen: Ezra Coleman. We all agreed it was the perfect name for our handsome boy (I have a post written about his name to be shared later).

Our families returned to their hotels to rest and give me time to recover. I still had to pass the placenta, and we dreaded the possibility of a D&C. Though I was physically and emotionally exhausted, I worked along with my midwife and doctor to avoid  this possible surgery. After two tiring hours, it was able to removed! We praised the Lord for a quick delivery- just 15 hours of the projected 1-3 days! My doctor shared with us that this was the fastest still birth delivery she had ever witnessed! We were so relieved and so incredibly thankful the Lord had answered our prayers!

Ezra had been taken away to have his newborn pictures taken by a professional photographer on staff at the hospital. The deterioration along with the manipulation of his body for pictures made it difficult for us to continue to have him with us in the room. His unsettling smell, cold skin, and deteriorating limbs and appendages were too much for this mommy’s heart to handle. We spent a few more minutes saying goodbye to our sweet boy and thanking the Lord for the few hours we were able to spend with him.

We called our nurse to take him from our room, and we wept at the thought of not seeing him again. Paul reminded me, however, that this would not be the last time; we would see our Ezra walking on streets of gold! What a comfort Heaven is!

I would rest as much as I could until I was released from the hospital on Wednesday evening.  My doctor wanted to keep me for monitoring, but we were anxious to get home, to see our daughter, and to prepare for Ezra’s memorial service. We promised my doctor that I would remain on strict bed rest until we held his service, and he was understanding enough to let us go!

While I was relieved to go, the full weight of the past two days’ events hit me as I sat in the wheelchair to be taken out of the hospital. That room, the only place where I knew my son, would soon hold someone else happily embracing their bundle of joy. We would soon be home, where we would try to live life as normally as possible while hurting inside from the crippling loss of our child.

The nurse sent Paul ahead to get the car, and for the first time I felt alone. The teddy bear given to me to avoid leaving the hospital with empty arms was not enough to comfort me. I tried my best to hold my emotions intact as we passed hopeful, waiting families. I felt their stares and saw the pity in their eyes, so I stared at my hands where I held my precious boy’s tiny knit hat.

I waited for what felt like hours for my husband to arrive in the circle with our car. I’ve never been so happy to see him! He held my hand the whole way home as I stared in silence at the long road ahead. 

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit (Psalm 34:18).

Ezra’s Story: Part Two — May 17, 2013

Ezra’s Story: Part Two

For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us (Romans 8:18).

I’ve been struggling thinking about drafting this post. I have come to my computer several times since I woke this morning, but the words just won’t come. I have begged God for discretion on what to share and what to leave out. Our story isn’t pretty, but it’s the one God gave us, and I believe it is to be shared to bring Him the glory that belongs to Him.

We arrived at Northside Hospital around 3 pm on May 14. Our brother-in-law, Will, and his brother Chris arrived within a half hour of us getting there. The rest of the Taube family was in Savannah, GA where they had vacationed for a few days, and my parents were on their way from Ohio. They would arrive in intervals throughout the evening, each visit blessing and encouraging us more and more as the night became more difficult to endure. We would also hear from our missionary friends all over the world throughout the night who were laboring in prayer for our family. We are so very blessed!

We were overwhelmed with information from nurses, doctors, and hospital staff. We were informed that the induction process could take 1-3 days, and that we should be prepared for a long, painful delivery. We prayed along with family and friends that our baby would come quickly and that the Lord would show His power in my pain.

Surprisingly, time passed quickly as I tried to rest, curled up in the fetal position in my hospital bed, eyes and teeth clenched tightly. I told Paul, “It doesn’t seem fair for this to hurt so much physically when it already hurts so much emotionally.” When I had Jolynn, I knew all the pain would be “worth it,” but I had a hard time sensing this at this time, knowing my pain would not result in a healthy, thriving child lighting our lives up with the joy of infancy.

We sent family away and prayed together. He read to me from Romans 8. I treasured this verse: Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered (26). I didn’t know what to say or how to pray, but God knew my heart and would meet my every need.

And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God. And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose (27-28).

We knew in our hearts that this was for the good, that God would receive glory in doing His will in our lives, and that we needed to honor Him by taking it as graciously as He would allow. It didn’t take the hurt away, but it helped us to see the bigger picture of it all. It wasn’t just us, grieving parents, writhing in pain from a loss no one should ever have to bear; it was a small taste of the sufferings of Christ, a more perfect understanding of the painful results of sin on the world, and a glorious glimpse of the true beauty of the gospel.

The night wore on, most of which was a blur. We tried to pass the time with idle conversation, mindless television, and competitive card games. I was so happy to have family there to distract us from the painful reality, but I knew the time was coming when we’d have to face it alone.

Hours passed, pain increased, and I could tell that the time for our baby’s arrival was near. I prayed a few things: that my baby would not be born in a toilet, that a doctor or nurse would be present (although we were informed they most likely would not be) and that our family would not be there when the delivery occurred. I received light pain medication intravenously (the nurses called  this a “medical margarita”) and requested an epidural an hour later.

Most of our visitors had left by this time, and the last, my parents would leave shortly after midnight. My dad had been up since 3 am the previous morning, but he lovingly stayed by my bedside until we assured them it was okay with us if they left. I knew it was hard for them to see me in pain, and I wanted to avoid sharing the trauma of the delivery with them. They would be supportive and strong, but I couldn’t bear to have my parents experience what I knew would be a painful experience for all.

A short time after they left, before I would receive my epidural, I felt an urgency to use the bathroom. Shortly after, a nurse came in to deliver pillows to Paul, and she helped me get up. As I stood up, blood and fluid dropped to the floor, the pain peaked to a whole new level, and she helped me to sit down to alleviate the pain. A few sharp contractions and a few seconds later, at 12:35 am, my precious baby met the reality I hoped he wouldn’t. My prayer for a hospital bed delivery went unanswered, but thankfully a nurse was present, and our families were not.

I heard myself scream and sob as the nurse and my sweet but strong husband held me. With the help of these two, the Lord allowed me to compose myself, and they helped me stand as another nurse came in to cut the chord and collect our baby. The shock of it all was overwhelming. It felt like a horrible dream or a movie I’d like to turn off. I refused to turn around and look in the toilet, and I prayed my husband would do the same.

As I returned to the bed, I watched as the nurse cleaned and cared for my child, wrapped in a small blanket. It seemed too small to hold anything at all, much less a child. They worked to  stabilize me, physically and emotionally, and minutes later, I was holding my beautiful baby boy! All the pain melted away as I stared at my perfect, tiny blessing and marveled at the intricacies of the work of God’s hands on my precious baby. 




Ezra’s Story: Part One — May 16, 2013

Ezra’s Story: Part One

Not sure how much time or how many posts this will take, or if my heart can handle sharing his story in full, but I wanted to chronicle Ezra’s short life in remembrance of our precious son.

I found out I was pregnant on January 11, 2013. I took a test while Paul was working at the church, but I wasn’t convinced.I was supposed to meet him there later for a surprise birthday party for one of our dear friends, Trent Cornwell. I stopped on the way to get another test, and I secretly confirmed my pregnancy in the bathroom of Vision Baptist Church!

I pulled Paul into the nursery at Vision, telling him I had something to show him (the positive test). He must have had a suspicion because he said, “No way! There is no way!” We were both shocked but so so happy. He held me as I cried happy tears. We were so thrilled to be having a little brother/sister to give to Jo!



The pregnancy was a little rough in terms of sickness as we traveled, but the Lord saw me through it, and it lessened up a bit in the second trimester. I did not gain weight as I had in my previous pregnancy, and I did not feel much movement from our little peanut. I was told that this was all normal and not to worry about it. I tried my best.


We were in a car accident on April 11. I was so happy when we we were assured that our precious baby was OK after the accident. We followed up with my OB just a few days later where they confirmed the same.


However, within a week of that appointment, something changed. I did not know it but my sweet baby’s health was failing inside of me. I don’t know if it was slow or instantaneous, but our precious baby’s life ended around 17 weeks gestational age.

I would carry our child for 4 more weeks before we had our “big ultrasound.” We were so excited to find out if our little peanut was going to be a boy or a girl! I even put a poll out on Facebook for votes. Last time I checked, girl was in the lead.


I didn’t have a suspicion about the gender, as I did last time with Jo, but I did hope for a boy! We patiently waited for the ultrasound technician to reveal the news to us! However, as I looked at her face as she made measurements, I could tell we had more important things to talk about. I looked at Paul, hoping I was reading too much into the look on her face, and that we would receive our good news soon.

But the next thing out of her mouth was, “I’m so sorry. I don’t see a heartbeat.” My heart felt like it fell into my stomach as she left to go get a doctor. We spent a few minutes crying and praying, not sure of what was going on, but trusting in the Lord to see us through it.

Our doctor was not there, but another doctor, Dr. Killingsworth came in to discuss things with us. She was very sweet and compassionate as she informed us that our baby had stopped growing and no longer had a heartbeat. She explained that because the baby had been dead for a few weeks, it was best to deliver as soon as possible. She eventually called my primary doctor, Dr. Middleton who I talked to for a few minutes about our options.

I opted to deliver our baby rather than to have a surgery. Though the surgery would be quicker, there were some risks of damage to my uterus that would effect future pregnancies. 2 of the 3 doctors at the practice that performed this kind of surgery refused to do it after 15 weeks gestational age. Also, if we opted for surgery, we would not be able to see our baby, nor would we find out the gender. Paul and I agreed that though the delivery would be more difficult and more painful, it was the right thing to do to honor our baby and encourage our family. We wanted to see our sweet baby’s face and get to hold him/her for as long as we possibly could!

We spent an extended time in an exam room waiting to see what we needed to do next. We spent many moments in silence and in prayer, and Paul encouraged me to “let my emotions out”, but every time I did he would try to fix it (oh, my sweet husband!). We watched videos of Jolynn on my phone to pass the time and lift our spirits. I’m sure everyone outside was wondering what we could possibly be laughing about!

Dr. Killingsworth performed some procedures to prep my body for an early delivery. We headed home to gather our things, to kiss Jolynn, and head to the Northside Hospital in Atlanta to deliver our tiny baby. We stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings to just spend some “normal” time together before the painful process began. The meal was spent mostly in silence but we enjoyed the time spent together and made a few decisions about the days ahead.

I kept repeating aloud, “God is still good.” He never changes, He knows that we are hurting, and He knows what is best for our family. I will keep telling myself this because while I do know it is true, I am not always able to believe it with a broken heart.

Shutterfly-inspired Reflections — May 3, 2013

Shutterfly-inspired Reflections

I’m going Shutterfly crazy. Mother’s day gifts, photo books, collages, and prints! I have a gift card and a pampers code for a free photo book, thankfully, but I only want to pay shipping once, so it is going to be a HAPPY day when all of my goodies come in the mail!

What I am struggling with with my photo book is, “How do I fit a year’s worth of amazing memories and hundreds of adorable pictures in a 20 page book?” I am having so much fun looking back on the blast we had this past year with our sweet, rambunctious Jo!

I knew that our lives would change when we had a baby, but I mostly thought of this in terms of sleepless nights, lack of date nights, and loss of any sense of cool factor we had left (I know, there was never much!). But having Jolynn has given us abundantly more than it has taken away. Sometimes we say, “What did we used to do all the time?” or “What did we laugh at before we had a baby?” Our days are sometimes exhausting, yes, but FULL and HAPPY! Children truly are a blessing from the Lord, and I think our Jo was made especially for us! What a perfect, precious gift from above!

From Here:Image


To Here:



In a Year!

…and 19 pages of sickeningly adorableness in between!


Blessed with a Busy Baby — April 25, 2013

Blessed with a Busy Baby

One word to describe my daughter: BUSY. Which is why my house ALWAYS looks like this:



She gets in the cabinets, the drawers, the trash cans. She has figured out how to open doors and how to hide things from Mom and Dad (Has anyone seen my Pandora bracelet?). We find graham crackers, legos, and pacifiers in our shoes on the daily. Yesterday, she was up for 20 minutes before there was shattered glass on the floor. You are absolutely right…I need to baby-proof! But that, to me, sounds like a daunting task at the moment!(But, yes, Grandma, the cleaning supplies are out of reach!)


Last night, we were at a church, and I was talking with a very kind, mom of four grown children about my extremely active child. This woman, who works in a daycare said, “That is GREAT! She must be very healthy!” Well, I felt a little bad for sounding like I was complaining at this point…Foot in mouth, check!

After speaking with this woman, I went to pick up my wild child in the nursery. The woman who kept the nursery just had so many positive things to say about my girl and bragged on her for being able to put the bead toys together and take them apart and many other things she was surprised my little 14 month old could do. I guess I have taken for granted all the things that she is able to do because she has tried them! Because she is curious, active, and yes, a little, WILD! But thankfully, because she is HEALTHY!


I can’t believe that I find myself complaining about the level of activity of my child. Well, yes, can. I am kind of a complainer! But it has finally hit me how RIDICULOUS this is! Okay, my house will always be a mess. And yeah, maybe there are some days I won’t get a shower when I need one (thankfully, my husband is understanding about both of these things!). But my Jo is happy, healthy, and SO MUCH FUN! Sometimes I can’t keep up, but she just goes on without me. I’ll catch up…eventually 🙂




Taube babies — March 6, 2013

Taube babies

Last month, we got to learn a little more about our new baby!  He/she is expected to make his/her arrival on/by September 23, 2013 (is that confusing enough for you?). I pray that this baby will be able to come naturally without being induced as was the case with Jolynn. I praise the Lord for better health this time, as I am starting out with a significantly lower blood pressure  (the reason for induction). We have heard our little peanut’s surprisingly strong heartbeat, and seen that he/she is developing right on schedule!

On February 21, we celebrated the birthday of our sweet girl, Jolynn Elyse. I can’t believe how fast this past year has gone by! Everyone told me it would do that, but I really had no idea how quickly it really would pass! We were in a missions conference at Dyer Baptist in Dyer, IN on her birthday, and everyone there was very sweet to make much of her day with cake, gifts, and extra love! A few days prior we were blessed to have a birthday party with all the fam (minus Rebel and Will, unfortunately!). Jolynn had SO much fun, and, of course, absolutely LOVED being the center of attention! She did not care for cake though. Not sure what is wrong with her!


We thank the Lord for his bountiful blessings on our family! We trust Him with the further development of our little bean, and with the life of our growing toddler (that just doesn’t sound right!). We pray that we will bring glory to our Father as we endeavor to bring these children up according to the principles of Scripture. We know that the Lord loves our babies more than we ever can, and we pray we will be found faithful to praise His name as we watch His plans for our babies unfold!

A mother’s prayer — January 25, 2013

A mother’s prayer


My daughter RARELY snuggles with me. She pretty much has to have already been asleep, and I stole her out of her crib or car seat to sneak some cuddles! Lately, however, she has had some trouble sleeping and has been experiencing some teething pain. At first, I was annoyed (I wanted to sleep/nap by myself), but as I held her, the Lord touched my heart and reminded me what a blessing this sweet snoring, drooling little princess in my arms was! I took the opportunity to pray for my baby girl. I thanked Him for allowing me to be her mother and trusting her with my care. I prayed for…

  • Her to come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus at a young age
  • The Lord to use her life to bring glory and honor to His name
  • Wisdom for us as her parents to raise her in the way of the Lord and teach her to serve Him with her life.
  • Willingness on our part to “let her go,” to know that she is not OURS, but she is HIS. That whatever He chose to do with her life, wherever He chose to send her, whatever He chose to put her through, we would trust His plan and praise His name.
  •  The Lord to give her grace to have a fun, happy childhood living in India, that she would make little Indian friends, and be a Christian witness to them all!
  • Sounds crazy because she is not even a year old, but I prayed for her purity, her femininity, and for the man of God the Lord would give her. That He would prepare her to be the perfect help meet for a man who loves the Lord more than He will love her (but that he loves her LIKE CRAZY too!).

Everyone tells you how quickly “they” grow up, and I always kind of rolled my eyes, but now that we are nearing her first birthday, I am finally understanding what all of these mommies and daddies were talking about! Parenting a child is such a huge responsibility, and it is so humbling that the Lord would entrust us with the care of this precious gift! We take this responsibility very seriously, and we just beg the Lord for wisdom and grace for the care, keeping, and training of our sweet little Jolynn Elyse!

Psalm 127: 3 Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.

I think I will write a whole other blog post about what the Lord has taught me through this portion of Scripture! In short, we need to train our children to be witnesses for Him. They are arrows to be SENT, not our possessions to cling to tightly. We are not to shelter them and totally keep them from the world, but we are to equip them and train them for the battles they will face so that, ultimately, their lives would bring great glory to their heavenly Father. I think, as a result, their earthly parents will be pretty proud, too!

Thankful for our daughter and for a God who loves her way more than we ever could!

A Year in Review — January 5, 2013

A Year in Review

Well, I’m a little behind, but our year ended just as crazy as it does every year with Christmas and the Summit. I thought it would be fun to look back at all the blessings of 2012 and then anticipate what’s coming in the next year! I planned to write all this in one post, but after reviewing the year, I realized I needed to split them up! For now, we will just think back on how good the Lord has been to us in 2012!

We continued to serve as leaders for the youth group through 2012. We loved spending time with the teens as they kept us feeling young! The Lord continued to bless and grow the youth group and gave us some faithful teens to keep the fire a live in our absence. Please be in prayer for a new couple to lead the teens.


At the end of January, the family for which I had babysat moved to Virginia, and I was left jobless. I was a little panicky as the plan was to take Jolynn along with me so that I could work but also be with her, but we prayed that the Lord would work things out so that I could still be with my girl.


February 21 we welcomed our sweet baby, Jolynn Elyse, into the world. Everything with the labor and delivery did not go as planned as I was induced due to high blood pressure, and Jo was “sunny side up” with the cord wrapped around her neck. She did not immediately cry, and we worried for her life, but the Lord had my little girl in his hands and He breathed life into her little lungs! We know that He has a special plan for our little miracle!


Paul was offered a job in addition to his part-time work at Wendy’s doing commercial landscaping for Big Daddy Mulch. He mostly worked on Wendy’s restaurants throughout the Atlanta area, but he also did a lot of work at his boss Julio’s home in Ellijay. This was a huge blessing as it was an increase in pay and a schedule that allowed for much more family time! Because of God’s provision (and a lot of penny pinching), I was able to stay home with Jolynn as Paul worked to provide for his girls!

Paul began to make phone calls to pastors to set up meetings over the summer. He only had an hour here and an hour there, but he was able to book 9 meetings for our first month out before we would officially start on September 1! What a blessing! I am so proud of my hard-working man!

In May, we attended the VBM missions orientation and learned VERY much there! In June, we attended the OG camp where we were able to meet many youth interested in missions!

At the end of August, Paul quit his jobs, and we stepped out on faith to begin raising our support for India. We were anxious and nervous as we began this journey we had been dreaming about for years!


The Lord has been so faithful to provide through the giving of his people, and we have never missed a rent payment or lacked in any way! We have had so much fun traveling and meeting all kinds of people who just love Jesus and learned to love us, too! We have been in about 35 churches and driven more than 7000 miles to far! We have gone for a few months without seeing support come in, but just as we began to get nervous, HE touched the hearts of a few churches to begin to support us monthly beginning in the month of December!

We were blessed to be able to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families, as well as an unexpected trip to NY with the Taube family to attend Paul’s grandmother’s funeral at the beginning of December. We welcomed the extra time spent with family, and we were so excited to be able to get to know the newest member of the Taube family- Galilee Grace whom Jake and Steph adopted in October! We also found out at Thanksgiving Rebel and Will will be giving us a niece/nephew in June 2013!


To round out the year, we attended the OG Summit in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. It was my 5th and Paul’s 6th Summit! We look forward to this event EVERY year, but this year was definitely the most anticipated. It was our first year as official VBM missionaries, and there were more than 25 of our missionaries in attendance this year! While having a baby there complicated things a bit, I was able to catch almost everything and learned SO much from these awesome people who I get to call MY friends!


We watched the ball drop from our room at the Music Road Hotel and were asleep by 12:02!

Taube Family Update (Nov/Dec) — December 6, 2012

Taube Family Update (Nov/Dec)

Oh, I have gotten so behind on writing on here! I don’t have a great excuse. We were traveling for Thanksgiving a couple weeks ago, but now I have just been being the biggest homebody ever which is totally out of the norm for me. I’ve just been doing my little “Susie Homemaker” things (as my mother calls them) and resting the rest of the day since I have been sick for two weeks now! Not pregnant, people! I have a sinus infection!

Jo has also been ill for almost 6 weeks! Poor girl has her first ear infection and just can’t seem to get rid of it, even with her twice daily dose of antibiotics. Her cough is a little better, and she is now sleeping through the night, so we are thankful for that. Deputation has been hard on her poor little body, and we have been having a hard time keeping her healthy. We just began giving her yogurt with probiotics, and we are hoping this will help!

We had a fantastic time at home with our families for Thanksgiving. We stayed in Ohio and had Thanksgiving dinners in Indiana and Kentucky! Many of my family members met Jo for the first time, so that was a wonderful blessing in itself!




December will be a slow month for getting into churches as many have Christmas programs and special services. The Lord has been faithful to meet our needs through generous churches where we drop in, and I am happy to say that He has nearly provided our rent money already this month!

While on the topic of money, I should mention that we are beginning the Dave Ramsey Money Makeover system through a financial service here in Cumming. Parkey Thompson, a certified Money Makeover counselor and friend of Pastor Austin Gardner, is our financial counselor. Attending counseling is a requirement for VBM missionaries, but we are excited to not only meet that requirement but also learn to manage our finances in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. We live through the sacrificial giving of saints, and we feel a HUGE responsibility to handle that money wisely! With Christmas traveling, gifts, and the Summit this month, it is a hard month to start! But I guess every month after will seem easy in comparison!

We will be blessed to be in Ohio with our families for Christmas as well. This Christmas will be very different from last. At the Taube house, there will be two extra family members! We praise the Lord for his goodness in growing our family! Next year, though all will not be in the States for Christmas, our family will have a third new member, Rebel and Will’s new baby which I believe is expected to make HIS (just a guess) appearance in June! Paul thinks there will be a fourth baby by next Christmas, but we will see about that. This year, it’s a PINK Christmas! Photo props to Jake Taube who knows how to use his camera better than I know how to use mine.


We do attend the Our Generation Summit at the end of the month! We are so excited about the wonderful learning opportunity that awaits us in Pigeon Forge, TN. This year, it is especially exciting because we will have multiple missionaries to many countries including China, India, Colombia, Japan, and Peru.


We are blessed to have much more family time at home this month. The next few months are going to be CRAZY, especially February and March. We are excited about celebrating Jo’s birthday, my birthday, and our third anniversary on the road!

On a heavier note, Paul’s grandmother, LeVeda Taube went home to be with the Lord last night. She has had health problems for the last few years, and after fracturing a hip and experiencing complications from surgery including two strokes, she was taken off of ventilators Tuesday and passed away last night. We are thankful that she knew the Lord , and that she is with Him now. We are also thankful that she called us out of the blue about a month ago and Paul was able to talk with her one last time. She was just a sweet, precious lady that I am grateful to have known.


(Forgive me for not having a better picture.. I hate that I didn’t get the rights to our wedding pictures!)

Thank you all for the continued prayer for our family. We count ourselves incredibly blessed to have such wonderful support system of friends and family to lift us up to the Lord.

The Taubes


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