1. 30 Day Challenge: Introduction
  2. Living in a Season of Storms
  3. The Time I Feared for My Life
  4. The Time I Feared for the Lives of My Children
  5. Service: Saving Me From Myself
  6. Trusting My Mate in Uncertainty
  7. Will I Ever Learn This Language?
  8. I Choose My Family
  9. Flexibility and Feelings of Children
  10. Seeing the Bigger Picture
  11. First Term Fatigue
  12. From High-school Hallways to the Front-lines of Missions: A Love Story of Sorts
  13. Fight or Flight
  14. We’re not in Kansas Anymore
  15. Fleeting, Flying Time
  16. The Myth of “Me” Time
  17. Not Enough? Too Much?
  18. 10 Great Things about My Life in Nepal
  19. When Old Friends Become New Fears
  20. All Good Things
  21. How I’ve Found Freedom in My Loss of Independence
  22. Missionary Parents Help In Life & Ministry
  23. Humility in Language Learning and What it Teaches Me About Christ
  24. My Struggle with Honesty
  25. My Family: My Greatest Gospel Testimony
  26. Faithfulness in Little Things
  27. Maintaining a Heart of Thanksgiving in Circumstances I Can’t Change
  28. Pinterest Fails, Perfectly Plowed Plans, and Reveling in My God-given Reality
  29. Always the Foreigner, Never the Friend
  30. Materialism on the Mission Field?