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My baby girl, Jo, took this picture!


“Little babe, playing naked on the side of the road, I can help you. Displaced family, lives rocked by the great earthquake, I can help you. Young boy, huffing glue, who has seen too much, I can help you. Hopeless, beaten and battered mom-to-be, I can help you. Precious little princess, sold in marriage, innocence lost, I can help you. Widowed father who can’t collect enough rupees for his cherished chori’s school supplies, I can help you.

No, no, no no. The needs are too many. The resources, too few.

I want to help you. I really do. But the truth is…when I’m really honest…

I can’t help you. Not all of you. Not most of you.

At this realization, I feel so hopeless. So helpless.

Maybe I’ll just get in my bed and find solace in my movies where everything turns out tidy. Where the needs of the main character are all that really matter. I’m the main character in my story. Maybe it would just be easier to focus on my own needs. Of the needs of my own family. We have enough.

But something tells me the Author of my story would not be satisfied with this response to these stressful stimuli. Perhaps the words He will weave into my story involve other characters. They may not be the ones that demand my attention on every street corner, but He will quietly call my attention to their presence.

And maybe, making proper use of His infinite resources, I can help.”