Our one year anniversary of moving our family to Nepal and starting our ministry has come and gone. At that time, this post was on my heart, but internet and power issues kept me from communicating those thoughts. I’ve let them swirl around in my head and heart a little while longer…let’s see if they make any sense.

365 days. In some ways it seems like so many less and, in some ways, so many more.

365 days pouring everything we have into learning a foreign language and surviving in a place that is so drastically different from the home we had known and of not seeing the familiar faces and places that make our hearts swell and our spirits soar.

365 days of falling into bed exhausted, praising God for allowing us to just get through another day. We go to bed not knowing what the next day holds yet sleep in peace knowing He will carry us as He had the previous day.

365 days of weathering the storms that culture shock brings into our marriage and family.
Receiving the grace from His outstretched hand and summoning everything in us to extend it to each other.

365 days of being relentlessly sought after by my precious Jesus. Leaning hard into His breast, holding my breath in with the kind of trust you have to have when you’re falling from 10,000 feet.

365 days of stumbling, failing, forgiving, realizing more than anything else, I am nothing and HE IS EVERYTHING.

My prayer is to spend thousands more just like these last 365. Thousands more in this place I love but sometimes hate. Thousands more bringing my faint light into the blackest of spiritual darkness.

And I beg the One who has given me 26 years…

God, give me more days.