I have feared for the lives of my children. I can’t decide which of the two major earthquakes was more traumatizing to my mommy heart. During the initial earthquake, I watched as the crowd of Nepali women surrounding my son dissipated as my husband ran to find my daughter who was being trampled by dozens of panic stricken Nepalis down a flight of stairs. In the safety of the street, tears in my eyes, I squeezed my new friend who had scooped up the helpless babe I couldn’t rescue, repeating one of the few Nepali words I knew to express my gratitude.

When we were shook strongly again, I was separated from my children. My husband had dialed the nanny before the ground stood still. No answer. My heart sank thinking of the possible plight of my babies. Did it wake them from their nap? Were they scared? Were they left alone inside the house? Did anything fall on them? The worries came quicker than than the frightened foreigners fleeing into the streets of tourist Thamel. We called our neighbor/missionary friend who promised to check on our littles. After a presumable eternity, she called back, assuring that our children were safe, though grumpy from being woken from their afternoon naps.

Car in the shop from a post-earthquake-traffic car accident, we hailed a taxi out of the chaos. After promising to pay several times the standard rate, we realized our fee didn’t buy us the luxury of running everyone down in our path to the children. Hopping out of the car, we started on foot in my not-so-sensible but ever-so-trendy footwear, in the hopes that we could find a taxi closer to the house. This hope was never realized as we trekked the 6 miles home. With one mile to go, we were tempted by a milk tea break with a police officer friend of ours but declined the invitation. We were on a mission!

We arrived home to our sweeties, sunburnt and sore, but extremely happy to be safe and sound with our tiny tots. How truly comforting it is that our great God who stills and subdues the earth holds our most precious gifts in His impenetrable hand!


Tell me about a time in your life you’ve had to trust God with the lives of your children.
I would love to hear your experiences in the comment section below!