I have all of the above in my family now, and I couldn’t be happier about it!

The preacher

Paul was ordained on January 29. I know I am a little behind on sharing about this, but I was hoping to acquire some pictures to embellish my post. I only have what was shared with me on my Facebook page at this point, so we’ll go with that. After watching Paul study for over a month in preparation for this important day, we were so excited (and a little nervous) when it finally came! I watched Paul get “grilled” by the ordination council made up of pastors from our home church as well as Pastor Gardner skyping in due to inclement weather in Georgia that prevented him and several others from making the trip for this special day. Paul did awesome answering all of the questions and quoting many Bible verses. I was very impressed and extremely proud of my handsome, hardworking man!

The service was incredibly sweet with messages from Bro. Gardner (again on Skype) and Paul’s brother, Jake, a veteran missionary to China. Both were a blessing and encouragement and had me in tears from the very beginning!Image


My heart really felt like it would burst with all the pride and joy it contained. This has been my husband’s dream since he was 14 years old, and to see it finally coming true felt like a dream to me! He was honored in a way that was so humbling and uplifting and, while he would say it was all undeserved, I’d have to say otherwise. The sweet people of our home church showered us with kindness and gifts towards our set-up fund. We were totally blown away and left feeling just to privileged and thankful to have such a loving and supportive home church behind us every step of the way.

I keep saying things like, “I just kissed an ordained minister” and “I get to eat lunch with an ordained minister!” just to annoy him and show how proud I am at the same time.



One of the sweetest parts of the night was when they honored our parents for teaching us to love the Lord and allowing him to work in our lives towards missions. Our parents have been nothing but an encouragement to us, and we are so thankful for the grace and love they extend to us daily.

The two year old

Jo turned 2 on February 21. While we didn’t do anything for her birthday that day, we held a mini-party the next day at my Grandma’s house and another on Monday at my in-laws. She was thrilled with her little parties and definitely had the concept down that it was all about her!



See what I mean?

ImageI’m so blessed to be this little bit’s mama and so thankful for the two years I have spent with her. I pray that the Lord would allow her to grow up to be a godly woman who loves Him with all of her heart and still has a tiny place in there for her mama and daddy. I rolled my eyes at mommies who said things like, “Words can’t express the joy this child has brought into my life,” but now I totally get it. They can’t.

Thank you, Lord for my precious little family. For an incredibly hardworking, selfless husband who loves You above all else and adores me for reasons I don’t understand; for the sweetest, sassiest little girl I know; and for our angel Ezra who is worshiping you for eternity. You are too good to me, God.