As missionaries on deputation, we spend LOTS of time in the car! Boredom strikes quickly, and we get a little antsy. Things can get pretty intense at times…especially with a little one in tow. Here are just a few of the things that make our life on the road just a little bit more enjoyable for everyone!


Magna-doodle! This thing has revolutionized our travel! It’s a good thing my Grandma ignored the age recommendations and bought this for Jo for Christmas! She will play with it for upwards of 30 minutes without complaint! She has recently been reporting to be drawing apples and “Barney.” Only one of these looks like the real deal.

ImageMusic! We love this Praise Baby collection to help Jo fall asleep. She also loves to sing and dance to Cedarmont Kids, Elmo, and Barney. Mommy and Daddy don’t really mind…usually. In fact, we can often be found singing along. We are in the car A LOT, okay? We were given a Spotify subscription for Christmas a couple of years in a row, and it has been a huge help on the road! Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa Taube!


Snacks! Daddy and I try not to snack too much in the car. Otherwise, this statement can be heard often: “Am I just eating because I’m bored?” Jo, of course, needs snacks throughout the day and likes the following: raisins, granola bars, juice boxes, cereal, and popcorn. Also, these are GREAT (especially when I’m feeling like a lousy mom).


and finally…Image

DVD player! For when we get really desperate, a DVD player comes very much in handy! We were given a small one from a sweet family at our home church during our first month on deputation. It is the perfect size for Jo to hold in her lap and also fits between Mommy and Daddy’s armrests when we feel like her eyes are on stimulation overload. Jo’s favorite movies are Elmo in Grouchland and The Little People: Discovering Friendship (the free one that came with a play set!).

I love that all of these things have been given to us since we started the deputation journey. Of course, the snack supply is often replenished, but we regularly have gift cards to help us do so. It’s so awesome to think of all the ways our wonderful family, friends, and churches give to meet our needs and make our life on the road as a family go a little more smoothly. Traveling as a family can of course be tiring, but we are so grateful for the opportunities we get to present our ministry to India and for all of the extra time we get to spend together!