This may just be another post that sits in my “dashboard” scheduled for some day long down the road before which it will be sent to the trash. I put a lot of pressure on my posts, but I’m just going to start sharing about all the little things about our life on the road and journey to India.

One of the biggest blessings for us on deputation has been our second home in Ohio. And, I guess I should clarify; we don’t own two homes. We don’t even own one! We rent one in Georgia and stay with family in Ohio.

We try to schedule our meetings within a 5 hour radius of each of our “two homes.” This has allowed us to generally be either at home with our little family or in Ohio with our extended family. Not a lot of hotel-staying or prophet-chamber…ing. We appreciate all of the churches who have “put us up” (don’t you love missionary terms?) and families who have welcomed us into their homes, but there really is no place like home!

We’re just so lucky we have two!

Our Ohio Home (photo credit: Jake Taube)