I forgot my husband’s birthday (which was Thursday).

Yes, you read that right, and yes, I feel like a terrible wife!

In my defense, I NEVER know what day it is during busy seasons such as this when every night is a church night with ne’er a break in between (see, I’m even communicating in hymn-speak). When our days are spent driving and our nights are spent meeting new people, trying desperately to remember names and faces.

Typically, I am that annoying person who calls you at 12:01 am to wish you “Happy Birthday.” For Paul, I like to go all out with a special meal, homemade cake (which is a huge accomplishment for me), and presents he told me not to get him. But I didn’t remember at 12:01 when, oddly enough, we happened to be awake. And I didn’t remember at 8 am when the alarm went off either.

I remembered about a half hour later when I picked up my husband’s phone to check and see what time it was, and I saw an e-mail that said, “Happy Birthday, Paul.” Now, believe it or not, it didn’t even click with me then because he has been having troubles with his e-mail and he informed me that all his e-mails had caught up over night, and I thought, “Wow, these e-mails are from really far back!” As soon as that thought crossed my mind, a new one replaced it: “OH NOOOOO!!! It’s TODAY!”

I had been thinking about his birthday for weeks, but this past week, we were so busy, I completely forgot. I guess I always knew it was a few days away, but when my days ran together I failed to plan to do anything special.

 Well, thankfully, I have the sweetest, most selfless man for my husband. He said he was perfectly happy being in the car with his girls all day and presenting his burden for India in a new church. I just love his precious heart! All he cares about is serving the Lord, taking care of his family, and getting to India. Even on his birthday!

We spent the evening hanging out in a hotel room with some missionary friends, pigging out on junk food, and goofing off to the extreme (no sharing videos, guys!). It ended up being a pretty great impromptu birthday party! No thanks to me!