This past month was absolutely crazy! My missionary friends, I’m sure, can relate because it is what we like to call “Missions Conference Season.”

We are halfway through the busiest part of the year, and I’m thinking, “Wow, we only have one more of these seasons left before we move to India!” And while I love attending missions conferences and having the rare opportunity to connect with new friends on a deeper level, I rejoice a bit in this because IT IS EXHAUSTING!

I’m a wimp, and I know it! My 19 month old daughter is more of a trooper than I am. I’m not proud of this…

You can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when my dear husband treated me to a little getaway! We retreated for about 36 hours to Eagle’s Wing Manor provided by Inn Keeper Ministries in Dayton, OH. He informed me that the original plan was to take this mini-vacation at the time of Ezra’s due date, but we were just too busy! I’m thankful because it ended up coming at just the right time when I was feeling like I was running on E!


The welcome information packet encouraged us to do nothing but rest, talk to God, and enjoy being together…and that’s exactly what we did! We watched 3 movies, took naps, ate an exorbitant amount of peanut butter M&M’s, took long talk-walks, and read by the pond. AHHH! A pretty perfect 36 hours to me! I didn’t throw a tantrum like Jo did when she was torn from the bouncy house at her cousin’s party, but I imagine we were feeling much of the same emotions!

While we dread the “Go! Go! Go!” of the month ahead, we relish the opportunity to share the burden God has given us for the country of India with several new churches. Our main topic of conversation during these days was how incredibly blessed we are to meet so many loving, giving people who care for our family and support us in the ministry God has called us to.

So, we’ll press on, seizing every opportunity to influence hearts for India while simultaneously snatching up these little pieces of heaven we find along the way!