It is hard to believe my baby girl is 18 months old! I am so incredibly blessed to be the mother of this beautiful, lovable, QUIRKY little girl!


What’s so quirky about Jolynn? Well, I will just make a list because I like making lists, and I think it will be fun…for me at least! It will also save all my Facebook friends from endless posts about all the wacko things my daughter does on a daily basis.

  • All doors MUST shut behind her
  • She enjoys rearranging furniture and/or moving it to other rooms
  • One of her favorite past-times is throwing trash away (and “trash” is one of her most frequently used words)IMG_0381
  • She holds her nose when she passes gas and says, “Shew!” (I DO NOT know where she learned this!)
  • She loves cleaning and assisting me in daily chores (and is really quite helpful!)
  • If I interrupt her while she is picking up her toys to do something else, a tantrum ensues
  • She always knows what she wants and gets frustrated if I don’t understand. “Oh, you want to put sunglasses on your feet? How did I not know that!”
  • She HATES having anything on her hands and asks for napkins throughout meals (the birthday cake “smash” was so not fun. She asked for a spoon!).
  • She is overly affectionate. She doesn’t know when to quit kissing/hugging and who she should hug and kiss and who she shouldn’t. She doesn’t understand that not EVERYONE is as loving as she is! The other day, she chased a poor little boy around the McDonalds play-place trying to get a goodbye hug!
  • She could be entertained by a buckle all day. It is hard to get through meals at restaurants because she obsesses over the buckle too much to even eat!
  • She doesn’t like crayons and coloring books. She prefers plain paper and ballpoint pens.
  • She makes up her own songs and dances when there is no musicphoto-11

These are just a few of the things that make my little Jo the most weird and the most fun little toddler I know! I know all babies have their little habits and oddities, but I like to think my baby girl is special. Isn’t that my job as her mommy?