2 posts in 1 day! This is the first and only time this will happen!

In some ways, I have that feeling that I have at the beginning of every month, “How can it possibly be June already?” But then, I think about my little boy’s birthday, and that feels like it has been much more than 3 weeks. Not because I don’t miss him (I do) or because it doesn’t still hurt (it does), but because we have just been off of our normal crazy routine!

We took some time off (May 15-27) to mourn our loss, rest, and recover. We then spent a wonderful week at Fort Bluff for the OG Camp! I have to admit, I was not looking forward to the long days with an off-schedule baby, but the Lord really used this week with our missionary friends to bless and encourage us. Even better than that, we saw 5 teenagers/college students accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and dozens of others commit their lives to service to the Lord! We are excited to see how God will use these sold-out students to reach the needy world with the gospel!

We spent Friday night and Saturday morning/afternoon with our families in Middletown. I was also blessed to have breakfast with a sweet friend, Dawn Swope, who has been such a wonderful example to me through my “formative years” (do I sound like a Psych major?) and beyond! 

Saturday night, we arrived in Laurel, IN and had dinner with Pastor Jordan and his sweet wife! They were such a blessing to our family and had a wonderful way with Jolynn! You know, people do some awesome things to be a blessing to us on deputation, but nothing touches my heart more than new friends just loving on my baby girl!

Sunday was our first day back to our normal deputation routine. First Baptist Church in Laurel was a great place to start! FBC was a church that was outgrowing their building and doing some awesome things to reach out to their community! We were so encouraged by their people and left with an awesome feeling, “This is where we belong.” Not that church, although it was a great place to be, but on the road, raising our support to get to India!

Sunday night, we attended our meeting at Crossroads Baptist in Indianapolis. It was awesome to show up at a church that had been bringing our names to the Lord in prayer for weeks prior to our arrival. They helped us carry the burden of the loss of our child before we had even met them! They continued to bless and encourage us throughout the night, and we left, knowing we had to get on our way, but wishing we could spend more time with these sweet people.

This week, we have been hanging out in Anderson, IN at a prophets chamber at Grace Baptist Church. We are thankful for a comfortable place to stay and so touched that a church that hasn’t even met us would allow us to use their mission house! Paul is back to work making phone calls all day, and Jo and I are trying to keep ourselves occupied in the meantime.

Tuesday, we went to Fort Wayne and spent time with my friend from college, Ronae Cleland and her precious little red-headed boy, Josiah. Paul set up his “office” at McDonalds, and made phone calls there, while we took the babies to the splash pad and hung out the whole day! We then had dinner with Ronae and her husband Chris who were just such a blessing to us! One of the perks of traveling like we do, for sure, is getting to see “long lost friends!”

Tonight, we have a meeting at Cornerstone Baptist in Indianapolis. We are excited to meet its members who we know will be a blessing and encouragement to us as are all those we meet on the deputation trail.

I know some people pity us for how much we travel and are away from home, but I think it’s pretty awesome! We are in three different churches a week, and each church does different things to be a blessing to us; at least 3 times a week, we have people pouring into us and loving and encouraging our family. Can’t imagine many things that could be better than that!