The other night, Paul and I somehow went from near coma on the couch to cleaning frenzy in the kitchen in a matter of minutes. I think it was our irritability that got us started on the spring cleaning rampage. (Anyone else out there a stress cleaner?) I began in the cabinets, looking for things I could pitch…and so, the Goodwill box began. I was surprised at how quickly it filled up! It is amazing to me how quickly we acquire junk, and how we have so much stuff we rarely, if ever, use!

I don’t know what it is about de-cluttering that feels so great! Paul says, “I get high on getting rid of junk!” After our box was full, we continued to look in other rooms for things to trash. We filled one more box and 2 trash bags! Jo’s bedtime came, and since her room is in the kitchen/dining/living room (one bedroom apartment with open floor plan…we make it work!), we had to cut our mood-boosting chore short.

I think our lack of attachment to things will make our move to India MUCH easier (or at least our bags to India much fewer!). We have never put a lot of stock in STUFF (still can’t figure out how we ended up with so much!). We also know that our time here in the States and in this apartment is limited. We plan to stay here with 2 babies and only one bedroom, and we have not even painted over the dry wall after nearly 3 years of living here! Whenever I begin to complain about these things, Paul reminds me, “This is not our home.”

We will paint our rooms in India, our babies will have a room/rooms in India, I’ll pick out our appliances and home decor in India. We’ll hang pictures (and doors that actually close!) and make memory after memory in our new home. We will most likely rent, and our address may change from time to time or furlough to furlough, but we plan to make our home, to raise our family, to make meaningful, lasting friendships, and to serve the Lord in India for as long as He allows.

Sure, I’ll miss this home just like I miss our previous home in Ohio at times. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, wherever He moves us is home! There’s nothing better than knowing we are where God wants us to be! We are so thrilled to be following Him to India to set up a home and establish churches! And if for some reason, He keeps us here or sends us elsewhere, we’ll make a home there, too!

After all, we are just strangers in a strange land; we’re citizens of heaven, just passing through! (1 Chronicles 29:15) We will serve Him wherever He has us, knowing He will be swift to call us to our eternal place with Him. We will FINALLY be HOME!