My mother-in-law’s coffee mug sums up my current state perfectly: “Too blessed to be stressed!”

I was so happy to be able to resume traveling with Paul to our meetings yesterday! I had so much fun, I didn’t even have time to be paranoid! We were in Ringgold, GA in the morning where we had a meeting at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church with our friends the Vances, missionaries to Colombia, South America! Paul and I had a bit of time to kill before we had to leave, so we stopped at O’Charley’s (where they now have fried pickles-amazing!) to split a lunch. After a wonderful meal, we headed on to Hope Baptist Church in Winder. We sat in some traffic, and I longed for our air conditioning to be fixed, but mostly I just enjoyed the beautiful day and my singing baby in the backseat! The people at HBC were so welcoming and loved on Jolynn so much! We hung around a while chatting to some of the sweet families and loving on the Pastor’s son who was just a week old! It’s a good thing I’m pregnant, because I got baby fever quick! On our way home, as we were pulling off the Buford exit, we noticed that our friends Kyle and Hannah Shreve, missionaries to Peru, were right in front of us! Paul tailed and taunted them a bit, and since they weren’t familiar with our Ion, I called Hannah before Kyle got too road-raged! We stopped at Waffle House and had a fun, spontaneous late-night dinner with our friends! So fun!

The Lord always knows just what we need to lift our spirits and remind us that He cares! What a perfect day to encourage me to persevere on this deputation journey! He is so good, and we truly are so blessed!

I’ve been so amazed at the little ways the Lord has encouraged us and spoken to our hearts through old and new friends alike during this quite stressful time in our lives. We have received so many messages, e-mails, Skype “dates”, calls, cards, and even a package just to encourage us and remind us that we are loved and prayed for daily. I feel like my last post was all facts, and I did not truly express just how grateful I am for all of you who have been lifting us up in prayer to the Lord. We are so incredibly thankful for our friends, family, supporting churches, and VBM team members who constantly show us the love of Christ!

It just tickles me how the Lord can use a smashed car and failing insurance claims to show His power and grace in our lives! Falling more in love with my Savior each day as He reveals Himself to me; I’ll take this opportunity to be encouraged and loved on by my Jesus!