Last month, we got to learn a little more about our new baby!  He/she is expected to make his/her arrival on/by September 23, 2013 (is that confusing enough for you?). I pray that this baby will be able to come naturally without being induced as was the case with Jolynn. I praise the Lord for better health this time, as I am starting out with a significantly lower blood pressure  (the reason for induction). We have heard our little peanut’s surprisingly strong heartbeat, and seen that he/she is developing right on schedule!

On February 21, we celebrated the birthday of our sweet girl, Jolynn Elyse. I can’t believe how fast this past year has gone by! Everyone told me it would do that, but I really had no idea how quickly it really would pass! We were in a missions conference at Dyer Baptist in Dyer, IN on her birthday, and everyone there was very sweet to make much of her day with cake, gifts, and extra love! A few days prior we were blessed to have a birthday party with all the fam (minus Rebel and Will, unfortunately!). Jolynn had SO much fun, and, of course, absolutely LOVED being the center of attention! She did not care for cake though. Not sure what is wrong with her!


We thank the Lord for his bountiful blessings on our family! We trust Him with the further development of our little bean, and with the life of our growing toddler (that just doesn’t sound right!). We pray that we will bring glory to our Father as we endeavor to bring these children up according to the principles of Scripture. We know that the Lord loves our babies more than we ever can, and we pray we will be found faithful to praise His name as we watch His plans for our babies unfold!