Oh, I have gotten so behind on writing on here! I don’t have a great excuse. We were traveling for Thanksgiving a couple weeks ago, but now I have just been being the biggest homebody ever which is totally out of the norm for me. I’ve just been doing my little “Susie Homemaker” things (as my mother calls them) and resting the rest of the day since I have been sick for two weeks now! Not pregnant, people! I have a sinus infection!

Jo has also been ill for almost 6 weeks! Poor girl has her first ear infection and just can’t seem to get rid of it, even with her twice daily dose of antibiotics. Her cough is a little better, and she is now sleeping through the night, so we are thankful for that. Deputation has been hard on her poor little body, and we have been having a hard time keeping her healthy. We just began giving her yogurt with probiotics, and we are hoping this will help!

We had a fantastic time at home with our families for Thanksgiving. We stayed in Ohio and had Thanksgiving dinners in Indiana and Kentucky! Many of my family members met Jo for the first time, so that was a wonderful blessing in itself!




December will be a slow month for getting into churches as many have Christmas programs and special services. The Lord has been faithful to meet our needs through generous churches where we drop in, and I am happy to say that He has nearly provided our rent money already this month!

While on the topic of money, I should mention that we are beginning the Dave Ramsey Money Makeover system through a financial service here in Cumming. Parkey Thompson, a certified Money Makeover counselor and friend of Pastor Austin Gardner, is our financial counselor. Attending counseling is a requirement for VBM missionaries, but we are excited to not only meet that requirement but also learn to manage our finances in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. We live through the sacrificial giving of saints, and we feel a HUGE responsibility to handle that money wisely! With Christmas traveling, gifts, and the Summit this month, it is a hard month to start! But I guess every month after will seem easy in comparison!

We will be blessed to be in Ohio with our families for Christmas as well. This Christmas will be very different from last. At the Taube house, there will be two extra family members! We praise the Lord for his goodness in growing our family! Next year, though all will not be in the States for Christmas, our family will have a third new member, Rebel and Will’s new baby which I believe is expected to make HIS (just a guess) appearance in June! Paul thinks there will be a fourth baby by next Christmas, but we will see about that. This year, it’s a PINK Christmas! Photo props to Jake Taube who knows how to use his camera better than I know how to use mine.


We do attend the Our Generation Summit at the end of the month! We are so excited about the wonderful learning opportunity that awaits us in Pigeon Forge, TN. This year, it is especially exciting because we will have multiple missionaries to many countries including China, India, Colombia, Japan, and Peru.


We are blessed to have much more family time at home this month. The next few months are going to be CRAZY, especially February and March. We are excited about celebrating Jo’s birthday, my birthday, and our third anniversary on the road!

On a heavier note, Paul’s grandmother, LeVeda Taube went home to be with the Lord last night. She has had health problems for the last few years, and after fracturing a hip and experiencing complications from surgery including two strokes, she was taken off of ventilators Tuesday and passed away last night. We are thankful that she knew the Lord , and that she is with Him now. We are also thankful that she called us out of the blue about a month ago and Paul was able to talk with her one last time. She was just a sweet, precious lady that I am grateful to have known.


(Forgive me for not having a better picture.. I hate that I didn’t get the rights to our wedding pictures!)

Thank you all for the continued prayer for our family. We count ourselves incredibly blessed to have such wonderful support system of friends and family to lift us up to the Lord.

The Taubes