So, I planned to have Jolynn’s pictures done every 4 months during her first year. With her “9 month birthday” rapidly approaching, I scrambled to book a photographer that could work both with our schedule and our budget! Without success, I determined to take her pictures on my own! With my AWESOME new camera that was given to me by my generous home church, I set out to capture pictures of my sweet little blessing! The day came, and Jo had a fever! Like I said, I was determined…so this mean mom took them anyway! I think it worked to my advantage, however, because she was waaaaay less squirmy than usual! The pictures are not professional quality, but I was pretty pleased with how they came out considering the circumstances! Here are a few of my favorites:

So much fun! I just love this girl so much! Major thanks to my sweet friend Hannah Shreve for helping me keep Jo entertained! I just might keep at it and try to get better each time. It was fun and my model is SO sweet!