We have been traveling “up north” for a couple weeks now! The Lord has been so good to us and has used several sweet, sweet churches to minister to our hearts! I have been away from the internet much of the time, so I have not been unable to update my blogs!

The Lord has just used some “little things” on our journey to touch and encourage me! I know he moves in BIG ways; he has done  that already and I know He will in India also. Right now, though, I am just thankful that He moves in little ways, too!

  • Phillips family in Athens, TN. Their 9 year old daughter is SURE God wants her to be a missionary! I was able to pray with her for the Lord to lead in her life to where He would like to send her. She thinks Philippines 🙂
  • Whitfield Baptist Church, Dalton, GA. We prayed over a map of the world with our hands touching India. We also gathered around the altar to pray for Pastor Austin Gardner and the tests he was having to determine whether his cancer was in remission or not. (It was!)

  • Calvary Baptist Church, Richmond, IN. My Grandparents live in Richmond, and it is only 1 hour away from Middletown, OH where my parents live, so we had dinner out with my Grandma and Grandpa Longworth, Grandpa and Grandma Smith, and my parents. They then joined us at our meeting where I gave a testimony about the awesome influences in my life that helped nurture my desire to serve the Lord!
  • Lighthouse Baptist Church, Wadsworth, OH. Pastor Linden Orr was so sweet to us! He even had an Indian flag hanging in between the American flag and Christian flag! What was really a blessing to us, however, was that he was so excited and encouraging that we are so young and on our way to the mission field! So many are discouraging, but he thought it was awesome! Praise the Lord!

Sometimes, this journey can be awfully discouraging. It’s constant running around, trying to find things (for me at least), trying to keep the baby on some semblance of a schedule, and trying to put my best face forward in the midst of it all. But when I feel like I just can’t do it anymore, God sends a “little thing” to encourage me again and give me the boost I need to keep going! Just like a little whispered, “I love you” to uplift my soul! He is so good!

In other BIG news, my sister-in-law, Rebel is pregnant with her and Will’s first child! We are so excited for them! She is due at the end of June, and I am gonna go on the record now that I think it is going to be a BOY! Saw an ultrasound picture yesterday…what a precious little peanut! There are not many things I miss about being pregnant but the excitement of looking at that little mystery inside there was always such a wonderful thing to experience! Ah, life! Couldn’t be better!