We are passing through Ohio on our deputation trail! We are so thankful that Jake, Steph, and Galilee have been here as well as Rebel and Will! We were so excited to meet sweet baby Gal, and I have had such a wonderful time snuggling with her! I miss the tiny newborn snuggles.

Here’s that little bundle of joy! What a precious gift from God! I couldn’t help my eyes from filling with tears when I saw her for the first time. She is truly an answer to prayer!

I am kicking myself because I haven’t brought my camera inside and taken pictures! I guess I will have to wait until Christmas to get a family picture of the whole gang! Here are some of its cutest members: Rebel, Uli, and Jo.

Jo likes Uli a LITTLE more than Uli likes her! But she tolerates her pretty well…even when she’s climbing all over her and attempting to eat her tail. Since I am too cheap to upgrade to post videos, here’s a link to a video of the kind of craziness we’re talking about here…

Jo is sporting some new duds- not because she needed them, but because WE LEFT HER SUITCASE IN GEORGIA! Oops! For the record, I packed the bags and Paul packed the car, so you can figure out who to point the finger at. I know what happened 😉 Thank God for giftcards, grandmas, and sweet friends who let us borrow things!

We will be dropping in at a church tonight and headed to Calvary Baptist in Richmond, IN tomorrow. We are blessed to have grandparents there so we will be staying a couple days to spend time with them before we move on to a missions conference in New London, OH! Our life is awesome! Thanking the Lord for all His precious gifts.

Especially these ones.