I will be singing in a missions conference next month. You might be surprised to hear that, and you rightfully should be. I am not all about getting up and singing in front of crowds, but upon request, I will do it! I have been thinking about what song I would like to sing, and every time I hear a different hymn, I think that’s the best one! But this song really sums up why I would travel raising support, why I would sing in front of strangers, and why I will ultimately move my family across the world and learn another language. I love to tell the story!

What’s even more awesome about this song is that my brother has previously recorded it! Here’s his version… my favorite!

and…here’s my favorite verse!

I love to tell the story
’tis pleasant to repreat
It seems each time I tell it
More wonderfully sweet
I love to tell the story
For some have never heard
The message of salvation
From God’s own Holy Word!