My husband surrendered his life to missions at the age of 14 at a BCWE camp. It is amazing to me how sure  he was at this young age that this was what the Lord had for him. Here is the pledge he signed:

“It is my purpose, if God permit, to become a foreign missionary.

In signing this pledge, I am indicating that, by the grace of God, I will:

-Set aside my aspirations for other employment.
-Commit myself to becoming a missionary overseas unless God blocks my way
-Use my remaining time in my country as a period of preparation for my life’s calling
-Provide financial, moral and spiritual support for my companions who succeed in reaching the field, if God prevents my departure.
-Keep absolutely free from every engagement, which after prayerful attention and after consultation with the brethren shall be deemed incompatible with the object of this pledge.
-Do everything possible to bring about the evangelization of the world in our generation.”

I have been blessed to know Paul since he surrendered and have been in a relationship with him for 7 of the 10 years since. It is awesome to see how he has done just these things and has not faltered in his mission to get to the field. There have been times that I have fought my husband and his plans for our life together as he sought the Lord’s will in it. As I look at this pledge, it is clear to me why he has made the decisions for us that he has made. The Lord was directing him and graciously allowing him to continue pursue the foreign field.

I am so thankful for the burden the Lord has given my husband and, consequently, has given to me. I love where the Lord has us and am also really excited about where He is taking us. I am so proud to be married to a missions-minded man who loves the Lord and is seriously committed to evangelizing the world in our generation. I am honored to serve alongside my husband, who I believe, by God’s grace, will be greatly used in the country of India.

Thank you to those who have invested in Paul’s life and have helped him stay true to the commitments he has made.