Just a little plug for the Our Generation Summit! As a missionary-wife that has spent time learning  at Vision Baptist Church, I have had the privilege of attending this winter retreat for three years in a row! The OG Summit is a time for students, pastors, and families alike to spend time learning from pastors and missionaries who are…well, OBSESSED with world evangelism!

It is held in Pigeon Forge, TN at the beautiful Music Road Hotel. Attendees learn in both combined sessions led by veteran missionary and Pastor Austin Gardner including short messages from several missionaries and break-out sessions which they choose to attend based on topic or teacher. Free time can be spent around town or in the hotel spending time “chewing the fat” (and probably some junk food) with the missionaries.

The Lord has used my three experiences at the OG Summit to really burden my heart for missions. My first year in attendance, I was a little on the fence about the whole idea. I knew that my then-fiancee was no-doubt headed to the mission field, and this thought scared me more than anything. I had spent a few weeks in Burkina Faso, and I had committed to go anywhere, but I was not necessarily “all-in.”  I was blessed to hear from missionary wives who had “been there, done that.” I was seeing that what I thought was an impossible task- serving the Lord on the foreign field…with a good attitude- was, in fact, possible! I saw women serving the Lord and submitting to their husbands WITH JOY! This was an incredible time of learning in my life. After spending hours hearing missionary’s burdens for their field and what the Lord was doing through willing servants across the globe ,  was filled with an inexplicable excitement about what the Lord could do if I would yield my life to His will! I hugged my fiancee in the hallway of the Music Road Hotel, and with tears in my eyes, I told him, “I am so excited about our life in the ministry!” I was excited about getting married, about having a family…but my eyes were on the mission field. I couldn’t wait to serve Him wherever He would lead us.

The next two years in attendance, I was married and had been serving in Vision Baptist Church alongside my husband. The Lord used this time to renew our marriage and our collective burden for the lost in the world. We learned many practical things to apply to our future ministry, but more importantly we learned what we should be doing now to prepare our lives to be used by the Lord.

I have been able to attend the OG Summit these last three years, and I am so excited about our opportunity to attend this year as well. Every year, the Lord is faithful to burden hearts for the lost world, and we just can’t be more thrilled to experience His goodness in this capacity. This year’s theme is WITNESS, “We are looking at the challenge laid out to us in God’s Word to be a witness to all nations. In the 10/40 window, the 9 to 5 window of our work place, and to the whole world! ” Please prayerfully consider attending this year. We would love to see you there, and we know the Lord would love to speak to your heart about how you could serve Him through missions as a goer or sender!

For more information, visit:https://www.visionbaptistmissions.com/events/our-generation-summit/