Each month we attend the Goer-Sender Coalition at Vision. Here, the church encourages goers (those who go to the field as missionaries) and senders (those who support through the church) alike. We hear updates from Vision’s missionaries on deputation and on furlough and short messages from training center students. Also, ladies are involved in reading missionary quotes, both from VBM’s missionaries, missionaries supported by Vision, and missionaries in history. Last month, I read this:

‘When Henry Martyn, that splendid young hero of the Cross, lay dying with a fever in Persia, he received a letter asking how the missionary interest of the church at home could be increased. The dying saint said, ‘Tell them to live more with CHRIST, to catch more of His Spirit; for the Spirit of CHRIST is the Spirit of Missions, and the nearer we get to Him, the more intensely missionary we become.’

I love this, and I am finding it to be true in my life. People think we are crazy for wanting to live in India. And, we are! But we we have caught His Spirit! It is not my natural desire to go to India, but I praise the Lord for letting me share His desires as I become closer to Him! I am so blessed and honored to serve the Lord. I deeply desire to live more with Christ and to catch more of His Spirit, the spirit of missions. Missions is not my natural heart, but I thank the Lord for continually teaching me and fine-tuning my heart to look more like His…intensely missionary!