Some days start like this:

Baby up early with a dirty diaper. Change said diaper. Immediately followed by an up-the-back/all-over-creation blow-out. Pancake disaster. Spilled milk, glass hitting table wakes up the baby that was put down 10 minutes prior. Husband running late, rushes out the door.

Here I am. Waiting for the baby to nap so I can shower, read my Bible, and talk to God. Thankful for patience, thankful for grace, thankful that when this girl takes a nap I can have a do-over. It doesn’t clean my kitchen, it doesn’t make my bed, but it puts me in a place where I can do these things…happily!

I never want to complain about days like this. Most mothers have to work outside of the home. I am so grateful that the Lord allows me to be home with my baby. Even though sometimes I want to pull my hair out,  I wouldn’t miss these crazy moments for anything!