I just wanted to share the way I have been doing my devotions for the past few months. I was in a “slump,” where I felt like I was not “getting much” from my time with the Lord. I was reading in the Old Testament at the time, and I was discouraged with just reading and not taking much away from my time in the Word. As a result, I struggled to be motivated to read my Bible at all. I would put it off throughout the day and would get to the end of the day without having spent any time with the Lord. I knew it was affecting my heart and my attitude in my home, and I knew something needed to change!

Part of what I have changed happened kind-of on accident. One night, the Lord had just really shown himself to me. I had been having a very “poor me” attitude and had just been feeling down-in-the-dumps (most likely from my lack of time with Him). But he put some friends in my life at just the right time to encourage me and be a blessing to me. I was so blessed, I just felt bubbly and…well, I felt like I was “walkin’ on sunshine!” For the first time in a few weeks, I WANTED to read my Bible! It wasn’t guilt that was driving me…it was desire! So, I thought, “If this desires comes from thinking about how good God is, maybe that’s where I need to start every day.” So now, I start my time with the Lord in Psalms, meditating on how good God is and telling Him so! This has radically changed my devotional experience. It spurs a desire to spend more time with Him and to learn more about Him in that time.

I have also turned my Bible-reading into more of a Bible-study. I read commentaries and devotionals written on the passages I am reading and try my hardest to squeeze some sort of application out of it! I will read until I feel the Lord has spoken to me. I take notes and journal on how the Lord speaks to me each day. It’s not always life-changing, sometimes it’s just a little uplifting encouragement. But I always, always try to learn something about my God or be reminded about something I already knew about Him! In addition, I try to pull something small out that I can keep with me throughout the day. It is amazing how that one tiny truth can be utilized in a single day! I figure, I plan to keep reading my Bible through in order throughout my life, so I don’t have to learn everything today!

It is still a constant struggle to maintain my daily walk with the Lord. The devil wants to keep me from my time with Him, and I just have to fight for it! I have found that when the devil ALMOST wins, and I reluctantly spend my time with the Lord, God is faithful to remind me why it’s worth the struggle by blessing me with precious truths from His Word to me!