For a couple months, Jo has been scooting/army crawling most of the time. She would often get her knees up, but she hadn’t quite mastered the art of crawling yet. But this past week, it all clicked, and she is all over the house now!

She’s having a blast, and she is into EVERYTHING!

She even slides open the doors on our media center and pulls out the DVDs! I counted this morning after she had spent about 10 minutes doing this while I washed the dishes. 20 DVDs on the floor. Oh, my! Here she is, squash covered, pretending to be innocent!

We are having so much fun watching her learn and grow! I thank God for my healthy, happy baby. I told Paul if I could freeze her at an age/stage, it would be this one (minus teething maybe). I know we will have fun at every stage, though! She’s just a good time girl!