Wednesday, October 10 was Paul’s 24th birthday. I have been blessed to have spent 6 years celebrating this day with him, but I’ve gotta say, this year was maybe the best one of all! Of course, sharing it with the sweetest 7 month old had to help!

Tuesday, we had his sister Rebel, her husband Will, and his brother Chris came over for dinner. Paul had requested Skyline chili which he loves but can only get in Ohio. This is the second year in a row he has opted for this special meal, and last year, while looking for supplies for home made Skyline chili I found that our Kroger carries it by the can! I thought $30 of supplies sounded like a bit much for cheese coneys and chili three-ways. So, I went with the $2.89 can instead! And it tasted pretty close to the real thing!

After dinner, our friends Peyton and Alicia as well as our upstairs neighbors/friends Jeff, Mindy, and Hudson (who is 8 days older than Jolynn) joined us for cake. That day was Peyton’s actual birthday, and I made them both wear “Birthday Boy” pins, much to their dismay. I made Paul’s favorite, Yellow Marble cake with home-made chocolate frosting which just happened to be Peyton’s favorite, too! I had ruined 1/2 of the 2 layer cake I made Monday by setting it on an active burner, so I had Paul pick up more cake mix on the way home Tuesday (happy birthday to you, right?). The next 2 layers turned out great, so I whipped up some more frosting, and we had a monstrous 3-layer cake!

We, Peyton, Alicia, Rebel, Will, and Chris all played Monopoly Deal which is our new favorite game! I can’t remember who won…probably me! But we had a great time! I love that we can just have a good time together playing games and eating. Considering how much of the world “celebrates” birthdays, I am perfectly happy with the way we do things! Such sweet fellowship with such dear, dear friends!

Wednesday, Paul and I had lunch at Five Guys and went to get links taken out of the watch I bought him to go with his suit. I have to say, I got an AMAZING deal on it, and I was so thankful to have been able to give him something nice that he needed without feeling remorse about how much I had spent!

We dropped in at Coal Mountain Baptist Church which is all of about 5 minutes from our house. We missed the pastor but had a great time talking to the chairman of the deacons, and we hope to be meeting the pastor soon! We got home at 8 o’clock, spent the evening skyping Paul’s parents, and finished it with pizza and a movie in bed because he said he “didn’t want his birthday to end.” Success, I’d say!