We have been traveling for 2 weeks! We are finally home and happy to be here, but we had such a great time in North Carolina, Tennessee, and finally, back home with family and at our home church in Ohio! I can’t believe our first month of deputation has passed already! God has just been so faithful and good at this exciting time in our lives!

When Paul quit his job, I was so worried and unsure about how the Lord would provide. The first week out, God showed me in a big way that He had things all under control! This month has just been an amazing testimony to His grace in our lives as He meets our needs financially. I feel silly for ever doubting that He could and would do this for us. It is all just more affirming that we are following Him and He is blessing us all the way!

We have met some extremely wonderful people this month, and we have also re-connected with old friends as well as our family members who live unfortunately far away! We have been blessed by the giving spirit of strangers and friends alike and the hospitality shown to us everywhere we have been, even if our visit was unannounced!

What’s also great is we don’t have to say we are at 0% of our support anymore! The percentage is still low, of course, but it’s a start! We have had other churches show interest in supporting us, and we hope they decide that supporting our work in India would be a wise investment in the work of His Kingdom!

I plan to get caught back up on my blog, and I have so much to share. I am having a hard time knowing where to begin!