Last week, I had the privilege to attend a ladies prayer meeting in a sweet woman’s house. Her name is Jyothi, and I met her at the India Independence Day Celebration. Once a month, she has these women over to her house for a prayer meeting and fellowship. Most of these women are Indian or are Americans married to Indian men. I felt a little clueless about the culture. I forgot to take off my shoes before entering the house, and I was dying of thirst when we ate the spicy Butter Chicken, but I had noticed no one else was drinking while they ate. They were all very sweet and gracious to this ignorant visitor, and I had a lovely time getting to know each lady. They loved on my baby and were excited to hear about our plans to minister in India. Some thought we were crazy for wanting to go since they had wanted to be in the States so badly but they were thankful that we were willing to go.

I was very blessed to  hear these faithful women pray for their lost family, especially their husbands. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to be the only believer in your family, without even your husband knowing the Lord with you. My heart broke for these ladies, and I pray that their husbands would be saved. I greatly admire their persistent prayer and testimony in their husbands’ lives, and I know the Lord desires to save them if they would only come to Him. I left with an incredible sense of gratefulness that I have a husband who knows, loves, and serves the Lord and also a deep sadness that these ladies did not have the kind of marriage we have in the Lord.

I was encouraged also by how much these women believed in the power of prayer. They prayed over just about every topic you could think of! They not only believed that God could do big things but that He would. I was asked to pray for the persecuted church, and I was convicted that I did not do this more in my own prayer life.

While there were many things that could have divided us, we were united in our faith in and love for the Lord. I left with a bounce in my step, thankful for new friends and a God that brings unlikely people together. I am confident that these women are praying for us as we pray for them and for their husbands to be saved.