So, most of us in the Christian sector have probably heard the song “Blessings” by Laura Story. She sings about how sometimes blessings come in the form of hurt or heartbreak. Well, I now have my own rendition because I have been singing since yesterday about how our blessing came in the form of a dirty diaper.

We were in the midst of our second attempt to get to a Sunday night meeting. The first one we tried to drop into, we learned, only had Sunday morning services, and we would learn that this next one had an afternoon service in lieu of the night service. Well, Jo decided it would be a good time to have a dirty diaper, and while I thought this was a major inconvenience, it turned out to be a huge blessing. Let me explain.

Since we had waited at this other church for entirely too long, we pulled into the empty parking lot of this one just 1 minute prior to when we thought the service would start. There was a couple in the lot looking up at the church. We stopped and talked, and Paul said we came to meet the pastor. Well, what do you know, this guy was the pastor! We introduced ourselves and talked for a bit. They said they had an appointment about painting the church and had to go but asked if we needed to use the bathroom or anything before we left. We went into the church to change the dirty diaper, and as a result, I got some time to talk to the pastor’s wife, and Paul got some one-on-one time to talk to the pastor. We really enjoyed talking with them. They are excited about what we want the Lord to do through us in India, and they were so sweet to pray with us before we got back on the road! We ended up going to Vision and seeing all of our friends. It was not at all how we planned our evening to turn out, but it sure did end up being a blessing! We were exhausted and a little discouraged, but the Lord always knows what we need, and He reminded us of that truth last night, as I know he will again and again on this journey!


Traveling with an infant can be stressful and challenging, but I would not change it for anything! I love her, and she brings so many smiles to people we meet. She warms my heart and encourages me to have a good attitude and smile when I just don’t think I can anymore!