We will be beginning deputation at the beginning of September. It’s funny; this is something that has always felt forever away. I remember discussing these plans with my parents and roommates before Paul and I were even married! Now it’s 3 weeks away! And here I am, feeling anxious and unprepared. Thinking, surely there’s something I should have been doing to make myself feel ready— write lessons, take up singing/playing the piano, get a makeover…something! But I remember, while I may feel like I haven’t been doing anything…The Lord has been doing some serious work on my heart! Through my time with him, He has been allowing me to examine my life and make necessary changes. I have been able to draw closer to Him than ever before, and, I have noticed that as I get to know his heart, His desires become mine! I have learned to lean on Him in some of the most intense spiritual battles of my life, and He has loved me through it all. I sometimes worry that I won’t measure up or that I won’t quite have what it takes to be a wife and mother on deputation and, eventually, on the mission field. I know that it will be challenging, and I know I will have to constantly fight the discouragement and the ugly attitudes I am so  well acquainted with.. But I know He will be there seeing and loving me through it all! ‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus!