Yeah, I’m talking to you, Mom, Grandma, and the handful of others that may read this. Thought it was past time for an update for my far away friends and family. It’s sad to think someday it will be further. I want to get in good habits of sharing what’s going on, as I have the tendency to just get sucked into my own routines and lose touch.

Jolynn is now 12 weeks old. I am at the point where I have lost track of how old she is and have to count on the calendar…sad! She has outgrown all of her newborn clothes, and is changing so much every day! She smiles constantly and is such a happy baby! She consistently sleeps through the night, and is finally overcoming her reflux (for which I thank her visits to the chiropractor…who knew!).

Paul is working like a wild man to provide for our family. He works 5 days a week landscaping and 2 nights at Wendy’s. He also picks up tiling jobs and odd-construction jobs which he does in the middle of the night! 2 early mornings of the week, he unloads the truck at Wendy’s before attending class. What’s really awesome about his new albeit hectic schedule is that he is home more than before Jolynn was born. He wasn’t looking to start a new job or change his schedule, but the Lord just kind of put it in his lap, and I am so thankful that he did! Paul also attends class at Vision two days a week. He graduated from Bible school last year, and is just attending class to learn as much as he can about the ministry. He plans, Lord willing, to start making calls soon to book meetings and begin deputation full-time in September. His heart is longing to be on the mission field and is growing tired of the day-to-day to get us there, but he never seems to lose focus!

Thanks to all of his hard work, I am able to stay at home with the baby. I am hoping to find a babysitting job where I can either stay here with the baby or take her along with me. Paul loves that I am able to stay home with Jolynn, and he doesn’t pressure me at all to find a job, even though I know he is worn out! I would love to alleviate the burden, so I am praying that I can find a way to do so.

Having a baby has been such an added blessing to our marriage. Parenting and making decisions as a team has nurtured mutual respect and love for each other that goes beyond our day-to-day feelings. I can see how it has already brought us closer together in an unexplainable bond. Our times together, however rare, have grown incredibly more sweet!

This spring is when I would have graduated from college had I not decided to discontinue my pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree after obtaining my Associate’s. It is difficult reading and hearing about my dear friends graduating. While I am so extremely happy for them, a degree was something I wanted. While I will never regret getting married to a wonderful man when I did and having the most beautiful baby when we did, I can’t help but think it would have been great to stay in school. I trust the Lord’s plans for me, and I am so thrilled to be a missionary’s wife. If it’s not in his plans for me to EVER get my Bachelor’s…that’s okay. I just wanted it “for me,” like I deserve anything. And it’s just so great because I have been given MORE. Following a call to my husband, a call to the ministry really does trump any old degree!

The last few months have, obviously, been that of change for me. I am learning how to be a mommy and trying to be a good one. I am also learning how to share the responsibility and experience with my husband when I want to keep it all to myself. I am seeing the shift in focus that comes with having a child, and I am learning to include my relationship with my husband in the scope of that lens. It has been hard, but I also am learning to put the needs of my family over my own desires. The Lord is continually humbling and teaching me as I embrace my new role as a mother, and I am loving the journey.

Another huge thing that I am learning is trusting in the Lord- something tells me this is going to come in handy! In numerous situations, I have found myself looking at a problem and thinking it is insurmountable, but time and time again the Lord comes through for us, and we have come out on top. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen in the way I think it should, but I have found that His plans are always better than the ones we make for ourselves.

I am truly overwhelmed with how good the Lord has been to us. While each day may not be picture perfect, I can see him working on the big picture, and it is turning out to be a beautiful masterpiece!