Today, in honor of our anniversary which was Tuesday, I am praising the Lord for two wonderful years of marriage with an amazing man of God. When I really think about it, I just can’t believe the Lord allows ME, of all people, to live the life I have been given. One of the biggest factors of my extremely blessed life is my relationship with my husband. God took two kids with crushes (7th and 8th grade) and molded them to be just what the other needed. I wasn’t looking for my soul-mate in the seventh grade or even when I was fifteen and going out on my first date. Little did I know that the Lord had much bigger plans in mind than the ones we had- which for the time included bowling and Cinderella Man. Not only that but “on paper,” it still just doesn’t make sense. In fact, we used to laugh about how much we don’t have in common, but something about us just works, and I’m thinking the Lord just has a sense of humor in pairing people like us together! While it may not make perfect sense to us or to anyone else, I can’t imagine sharing my life with anyone else. I can honestly, though ashamedly, say that I definitely wouldn’t be  where I am in my relationship with God if it weren’t for Paul Taube. I wouldn’t be pursuing missions, and I likely wouldn’t be walking in His will. I am so incredibly thankful for a man who loves the Lord and truly strives to love me as Christ loved His church. He cares for my soul and continually uplifts me with his sweet spirit and loving ways. I am thoroughly enjoying watching him grow in his roles as a husband, father, and servant of God. I just can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for the two- now three– of us! There will be bumps along the way as a result of two imperfect and selfish people trying to live together, but I can confidently say that by HIS grace, the blessings will far outnumber the bumps!