Well, I knew it had been a while since I had posted, but I did not realize just how long it has been! The Taubes have been busy these last few months, and there is plenty to update on!

We went home to Middletown, Ohio for Thanksgiving to see our family. We had seen his family in July and my parents in August, so we were excited to visit for a few days. We rode with Ian, Katelyn, and Aaron Wilson in order to save money on gas. The extra company in the car was very nice and the savings allowed us to take an extra couple days to enjoy our family.

While we were home, I was blessed to be able to have a baby shower thrown for me by my mom, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and a close friend, Krista. It was such a wonderful special day reconnecting with friends and family and celebrating the life inside of me! I was so spoiled, and when we came home, it looked like a pink bomb went off in the Taube house!

We were also able to spend Christmas with our families. This time we rode alone because we know how our families are…we knew we would need all the space in the car for the ridiculous amount of gifts we were going to receive! (And we were right…we even used some space in Rebel and Will’s car on the way home!) Unfortunately, I was very sick while we were home, but everyone took very good care of me!

On our way back to Georgia, we stopped in Pigeon Forge for my third Summit, which is a missions winter retreat hosted by Vision Baptist Church. My sickness kept me out of many services, but the ones I was able to attend were such a blessing to me and made me all the more excited about and thankful for the role the Lord has given me to play in serving him on the mission field! It was also great to spend time with the missionaries and learn from them. Paul also made a very special commitment during this time which I will let him share when he is ready. I am very excited about it, though, I will tell you that much!

I’m not sure exactly the date which Paul started teaching the youth group, but I know I was much smaller then so it’s been a while! In this time, the Lord has allowed us to double our attendance on Sunday mornings and begin a teen service on Thursday evenings. This week will only be the third teen Thursday service, but so far it seems like it is going great! The teens are taking various leadership positions, teaching, leading singing, leading game time, and inviting friends to each service (not to mention eating lots of junk and playing lots of ping-pong!) It is such a blessing being about to see the Lord work in their lives! I have to admit, I was upset to leave the couples’ class in order to teach the youth group, but I can now say that I am so glad the Lord moved us. While I miss our old class and friends, I am loving getting to know the teens and watching them grow and growing along with them!

This past week, the sweet ladies of Vision Baptist Church threw me yet another shower.  It was a shoe theme, and I came home with 24 pairs of baby shoes! I think baby Jo is going to fit into the Taube family quite well! I had such a wonderful time and just felt so blessed to have such wonderfully God-honoring mothers to celebrate with and encourage me as I continue to carry this little girl and prepare for her soon arrival!

In other news, Jolynn (insert middle name here) Taube will be here in roughly 6 weeks! Most people are betting she’ll be early…I think based solely on my ever-expanding, ridiculously protruding belly. I plan to keep her in here till as close to March 6 as possible, but I wouldn’t mind it if she made her appearance a little early. So excited to meet our little girl!